Monday, June 12, 2006

Assorted beach pictures

These are cuttle fish bones. If you have birds, these are those things that are sold in pet stores...

This was on two Isles as part of the impromptu shrine, but blogger only allows 5 photos...
Isn't that white crab great. It is tiny - about the size of a thmb nail, this is zoomed and cropped a lot!

I really liked seeing these "Tidal Treasures." That is exactly what they are, the bits and bobs from the ocean that are brought in during high tide and then left as the water recedes. Cool, huh?

These crabs were actually seen in Cairns on the esplanade, but they kind of fit this theme... There were no less that 100 when we were sitting down, I think that one huge red arm is fascinating. (These are zoomed and cropped a lot too - but this is close to their actual size.)

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