Monday, June 12, 2006

ABC's of Me, a MeMe

Blogger and my fat fingers are not playing nice today! Either I put up my photos and then try to delete one only to delete all of them, or I copy a meme list and then delete it 1/2 way through...

This one is borrowed from DebR, where her answers are perfect, I kept them. (These answers are not going to be as good as the first ones, because now I just want to get done!)

Accent - None, but I can fall into some rather quickly, like a southern drawl.
Booze - Anything that does not taste like alcohol - Mudslide
Chore I hate - all of them
Dog/cat - 2 cats, both Tonkinese, Both altered
Essential electronics - Computer, digital camera
Favorite perfume - Beautiful by Estee Lauder when I wear it.. But there are some that really give me a headache like the one that the flight attendant on a 14 hour flight wore....
Gold/silver - gold, although I have some silver pieces that I really like & I started a silver charm bracelet.
Hometown - none - "Army Brat"
Insomnia - no
Job title - civil servant
Kid(s)- not yet
Living arrangements - tiny expensive closet, ahem studio apartment
Most admirable trait - Always on time/early
Number of countries visited - (let me count - sounds impressive huh - Europe is close together, so it sounds more impressive than it is...) 15 (including USA) However, I have never been to Canana or Mexico... & this completely does not count any places that I may have visited as an infant or small child...
Overnight hospital stays - a few, most memorable - bladder ruptured by a seat belt in a car accident
Phobias - not sure, but I know it when I see it - snakes, spiders, things that I do not know are there...
Quote - "Done is better that perfect."
Religion - Jewish - observant...
Siblings - One sister, younger.
Time you usually wake - 5:00-ish AM
Unusual talent - none that are unusual....
Vegetable I refuse to eat - not sure, I guess, I'd have to see it - there are many that I would not choose... (In general I prefer them plain, so my favorite will not be eaten if it is "messed with.")
Worst habit - Too much time spent on this machine!!!
X-rays - Sure a few. I don't know a number or anything, but I have never broken a bone & all of my stitches have been surgery related.
Yummy foods I make - Hey, if I cook it, it's yummy! Or at least you'd better SAY it's yummy if you want to be asked back to dinner again. Heh.
Zodiac - After reading Deb's answer I realize that there is a whole lot more to it that I know - Aquarius. I am unsure about the Chinese one because of their calendar & where my birthday lands, but I take - Rat

Tagging - if you want it, take it - If you don't knowhat else to blog about today TAKE IT!


Deb R said...

It was fun reading your answers, Amy! (I hate how bratty Blogger is being lately. Wish they'd get their act together!)

Jeanne said...

Fun reading -- I always like memes! I'll do mine in a while.
Jeanne :)