Monday, May 01, 2006

week end update (April Project Spectrum)

My excuse du jour for not quilting... Rhapsody & RB sitting on my lap (love those kitty PJ's - I have another pair of kitty PJ's - with a purple background) BTW I am laying on the bed and that shiny thing in the right hand corner - that is the refrigerator.) aren't they cute. How could I make them move?

I did however get some quilting done. All but cutting the nuetral strips, I did this top all on Sunday. Whould you add more leaves? (The are from a piece of fabric and are leaf skeletons, mostly gold skeletons, some are black on the orange. I know this fabric also came in other autumn colors - I wish I got them too!) The basis of the quilt was a pattern called October & was a fat quarter pattern. I however used my fat quarters to first make 12.5 inch squares, so this was made from the leftovers. The original also ended up with bigger "blocks", mine were small & had a lot of left-overs, hence the outer border. Tonya just shared some quilting on her most recent quilt, I used the same orange on this quilt, but it is not obvious because I used a lot of my left over oranges & yellows to make a 2 inch squares scrappy inner border. The original pattern did not have a border at all...

That orange should be more prominently displayed in my orange bulls-eye flowers quilt. (Which I got glued to the background squares last night.)

Planning - or lack there of.... My plan was to switch over to the orange thread once my white thread/bobbin ran out. When it finally ran out yesterday, I was knee deep into sewing the strips for the above quilt together that I could not stop. So I wound one orange bobbin and one green bobbin and the rest white then proceeded to rethread the white so that I could continue on with this project. :o)

I can now switch thread and bobbins and start to sew down my bulls-eye flowers! Yes, it is an April Project Spectrum quilt, but I want to finish it & in my defense, it will have green leaves!
Green in the May Project Spectrum color!

I will post a Green quilt tomorrow... (I still have to "find" a green project for May - besides my green postcard for swap portion of Project Spectrum!)


Lois R. said...

Amy, just wanted to drop a quick comment to you. (I'm not even supposed to be blogging right now. Gotta get ready for a trip out of town.) Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I'm in Derwood. I was at the Friendship Star Guild's show last weekend too. Loved it!

Cathi said...

I'm finally looking around at blogs again! Thanks for the welcome back. YOu have been very busy!! Nice quilt...have seen many people working on Project Spectrum stuff...will have to see exactly what it is!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great top and I love the scrappy border. Aren't your sleeping beauties sweet!



Anonymous said...

Orange leaves - great use of "beige-ings" as we call them. I'd like to see leaves drifting into the borders. Fall is so messy! :> Great quilt!