Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Project Spectrum post card swap

A side venture for the Project Spectum project is a monthly post card swap. This is my first month to swap & my first post card. Sorry Wendi - somone had to get the first...

Hanne has since told me how to do the zig zag.... (She posted a really pretty post card on May 12, so visit her blog and scoll down a bit to see it.)

Meanwhile Barb just got a really nice post card in the mail all the way from France!

And in the mean time, I just noticed - or re-found it since I am now postcarding a great tutorial on DebR's blog. Mine was created differently - OBVIOUSLY! but I could have used the satin stitch hint.... Live and learn.

Maybe my "middle product" is new - I don't know but it is called "Fast 2 Fuse." Similar to Timtex, but the fusible is on the interfacing on both sides!

Also next time - I would change out the thread.... I NEVER machine applique - o.k. I actually never satin stitch. (I have done something similar to herky jerky with a metallic thread & I have done top stitching with a neutral thread.) & until I was way into the process I did not realize that it was looking un-professional.... (The back is white - so the white thread looks o.k. back there...)

And this time I zig zagged and them trimmed - not a good idea... Some of those stitches look like fringe - so I top stitched it after trimming so that the un-professional white thread would at least stay in place...


Serena Smith said...

Great looking postcard!! I love using "Fast 2 Fuse"; it is so much quicker than using Timtex!

Have a fun and safe trip to Australia!!! I'll look forward to seeing your photos when you return.

Carmen said...

I love your postcard! I love the colors and it's the kind of patchwork that I love doing. Beautiful! have a nice trip!!

Silverthimble said...

I love your post card. The idea of a post card exchange in conjunction with project spectrum is fantastic!