Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, I was going to go to Project Spectrum and list the next few months colors (so many nice comments about my May quilt....) But there is an error of some type or another going on....
I think this list is good:
May = Green
June = Blue (Can I ask for an extra long month - I have a ton of BLUE UFOs!)
July = Purple
August = Neutrals
Is that it? Must be because March was Red & Pink and April was Orange & Yellow.

I hardly ever make mono-chromatic quilts... My stuff is usually scrappy to the hilt! I have been thinking "new Green quilt" & I either cam up with new Jets quilt (not happening until the other one is worn out!) or something like yesterday's October quilt in green (only an o.k. option - I don't like to do the same thing too may times & I just did that!) - Or Maybe a Scrappy Chicklets (free pattern!) quilt with a lime green background. Or a Stargazey Leaves (or something similar) - too bad we are not going to Perth, I'd love to go to Jan Mullen's Studio - she by far hands down my FAVORITE fabric designer!

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Jeanne said...

Yup, this is the Project Spectrum line-up :)
I'm kind of chalenged by the monochromatic projects, too. Watch for extra colors to be sneaking into mine!