Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May Project Spectrum

The Project Spectrum color for May is GREEN! (I even got into the postcard swap for May - I have a couple ides for a green post card... But I won't blater on about them lest I ruin the suprise. But I do need to get it done soon as we are going on vacation in a few weeks.)

Here is a green quilt that I made about 2 years ago: It is a "Bricks" quilt. The green rectangles are bricks that measure 2.5 x 4.5 inches the white parts are "mortar" and measure 1.5 x 4.5 inches. They really are only a glorified rail fence. I swapped quite a few "bricks" in the past. The can be udes for borders, sashing & there are other block formations that use bricks. I have another bricks quilt UFO that is scrappy (charm like with no two alike - was the plan) batiks and hand dyeds with black mortar. It will be set on point.

Here is a close up - quite obnoxious this big huh?

This quilt was made specifically for my husband back when he was just my boyfriend. He is a Rabid New York Jets fan, hence the green and white pallette. You may even be able to make out the officially licensed NFL fabrics. The back is Officially licensed NY Jets fabric as is the wrap over binding. I set it on point - I just prefer that "look" for this type of quilt.

New Project Spectrum quilt for May? I don't know with our vacation taking up most of May & with the fact that I am still in need of finishing last month's project (that will have green leaves)...


Hanne said...

What a stunning effect your green quilt gives Amy ! Wow ! And what a great way to use all those precious smaller pieces of fabrics :-)

Norma said...

I just love this quilt. Rail Fence is a favorite for me and I am always looking for another way to do that pattern. I have lots of strips of fabric cut ready to go, so I may try this one. Thanks for sharing your quilt--it may inspire my next project (UFO). *VBS*

Serena said...

I love all the different green fabrics!! It creates alot of interest!!

I love your color coded month projects! I may have to try that for fun--it gives me some ideas. :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Great quilt Amy. Bet your DH loves it - nice that you were able to tie in his love of sports with your love of quilting!



ForestJane said...

I like the bricks as rail fence too! I'm wondering what they'd look like in reds... lol

Jeanne said...

Love all the assorted greens! Swapping is a good way to accumulate "scrappy."
I'm going to file this idea in the back of my mind for possible future Project Spectrum colors.

Ann said...

Confession: I've never been really fond of the rail fence pattern......BUT........your green one is GORGEOUS! Gives me a whole new outlook on the rail fence! (doesn't hurt that green has always been my favorite color!, but I also see this working in reds, oranges, blues......any color scheme and hmm.......NO, Ann, NO. No more quilt projects started til you finish some.....)Sorry you had to "hear" that...hehe