Friday, May 05, 2006

"kinda funny" & Zipper update

O.K., so I was off yesterday, actually on Wednesday evening, I met two girlfriends for dinner & stayed over with one of them so that we could get to the National Aquarium in Baltimore when it opened. It was great, we all had a tiring but fun itme. The Australia exhibit was thematically the Northern Territories during the "wet" season. Appropriate for an aquarium, huh. So we saw "freshies", fish, turtles, lizards, monitors, and birds. (Now I am ready for the real Australia, especially the furry animals!)

While at the aquarium, we saw some of the other exhibits too, including the new frogs the rainforest & the feeding of the rays and the sea turtle - now that was FUN!

So now I am back at work & it truely fells like a Monday. (I often come into the office on the weekends, so they always seem short.) So much so that I was thinking, I'll have a lto to read on the ring, because several gals seem to only post on the weekends.... Suprise, not much going on in blogland. Then it hit me that it is only Friday!

Back to something quilty.... Unlike many "zippers" that I have seen where the same fabric is placed in different locations on the quilt, mine will have 30 different greens on a 5 x 6 layout. (I only sorted and counted and culled last night because my kitties missed their mommy & needed a lot of attention.) Tonight I hope to start cutting!


Deb R said...

The aquarium visit sounds fun! Did you take any pics?

At least if today feels like Monday that means you're going to feel like you have a very short work week. ;-)

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, that's a lot of greens. Did you have that all in your stash? I visited the aquarium a long time ago on one of my trips to visit my brother. It was neat and the Inner Habor was beautiful.

ForestJane said...

Thirty different greens? As a fellow green lover, I'm very impressed!

Jeanne said...

Ha - so I'm not the only one who doesn't always know what day it is!?
Sounds like the Aquarium was wonderful -- I'm such a critter lover, I'd have enjoyed seeing it with you.
Can't wait to see all those greens!

Laurie said...

cool zipper quilt!

Anonymous said...

the greens look great- i'm looking forward to seeing your zipper!

Gina E. said...

So have you set a date to come here yet? To Australia I mean! Our furry critters are waiting for you..along with the snakes and spiders - lol!!