Thursday, May 11, 2006

The "E's" have it! (Project Spectrum update)

Back in January (on the 8th) Barb at Woofnanny told about her "adventures in doggy sitting" (not her title - my blogger embellishment - play on an 80's movie title.) Specifically, an overdose on "freshies" which are a version of "greenies" a doggy treat. Based on my current project, can you guess why I am mentioning that here, now? My zippers look like "E's!" Yes they do!

Do you see the "colorful" green? The only "planning" that I am doing is trying to keep the "colorful" ones apart & in different spots on their rows. Everything else is pretty much the next one in line. However, I have a choice between two sides on which to place the next green, so I am trying not to have lime next to lime, etc. My rows are not sewn together, that will be my last chance to order them around nicely.

Border? Maybe? As it is, this will end up about a "normal" lap size. In general, I think "lap size" is fairly vague. But I do realize that my lap size is bigger than most. Lap for me is pretty darn close to twin, because I like to roll up into a lap quilt, I also like to tuck my feet in and have enough to still tuck around my shoulders... With a 6 ft. tall husband this make lap size pretty big! - because I want my big enough to be big enough for him according to my standards! Another reason why I am thinking about borders is that I have an extra wide green backing piece... It would be wasteful to use an extra wide back on something small... I got an extra wide green back thinking that it is masculine and would go with my plaid quilt, in the mean time, I found some on sale brushed cotton yardage that went better with the plaid quilt for that back... So I have the green back without a top.... (FYI I have a one yard piece of a really cool "mod" cat fabric that has a lot of green that might be real nice for a border.... & as of Tuesday, almost a full bolt was still living at my LQS... Maybe a narrow inner border of an orange or purple....)

I stayed home feeling pretty yucky yesterday, I only got to feeling o.k. at about 5 p.m., so what you see here (6 rows of 8) I did in about 3 hours from 5 til 8. If I knew I could sew them that quickly, they would not have sat around waiting so darn long... (That is my story & I'm sticking to it.)

Thanks for all of the lovely comments about my cat block. I have been "collecting" cat fur fabric for a long time... In my collection, I have a lot of "marbled" as in marbled paper, not Moda marbles fabrics as well as pieces that might have been intended to be people hair to nice tone on tone browns, grays, oranges, etc. I have an official cat fur stash... I had no idea how extensive it was until I pulled fabrics for this project. This project uses 15 different pieces - I could have easily made 30 without getting into mixing teh fabrics to make "Siamese" or "calico" cats!


Wendi said...

Lookin Great! Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jeanne said...

Oh, wow! You really got a lot done!!!!! I love all those greens. A narrow purple inner border sounds interesting to me ... and then the print you're thinking about.
Jeanne :)

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, your zipper quilt is really coming along!! I really like it. Can't wait to see more. Hope you are feeling better soon. I like your ideas for borders and backing. I like my lap quilts big too!

Laurie said...

HOLY COW>..they DOOOOO look like E's! great job! you've been busy!

Kay said...

This is great! I would not have dared to put all the bright greens together, but it worked.

Deb R said...

Wow, they DO look like E's! I'm lovin' all those greens.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh, I like E's... let's see... Evelyn, Elegant, Enchanting, Exciting, Extravagant (can't spell!), Excellent...

Your quilt is all of those (well, except for the Evelyn part - grin!).

I like a BIG lap quilt too.

Feel better soon.



Mary said...

I like larger lap quilts too - I call them sofa sized and they are usually twin sized.

You seem to be over your slump - lots of stuff in the works.

Linda_J said...

Wow, Amy, the quilt looks great. Who knew that one person could have so much green in their stash. No border suggestions here though that cat fabric shown in the following post looks great....but then you know about me and cats.

Barb said...

Lol. I like your green experience better :)