Monday, May 08, 2006

a bit o-green & a bit o' fessing up...

First off, I've finally uploaded the pictures from my recent Aquarium visit... (I'm only posting a few - for my memories more than anything.) Scroll down for something quilty - including a photo. The Aquarium photos include an Australian bird (I forgot to annotate names) and a monitor. The frog is from the new frog exhibit, although they have had frogs in the rainforest part of the Aquarium for years, including thise LOVELY blue variety. He is poisonous, but purty nonetheless!

Greens! Well, I originally was only going to use 30 greens, that has expanded to 64! All from my stash! (You have to realize that most of my stash is comprised of under 1/2 yard pieces. More like fat or long quarters.
Fessing up here.... I did not buy the book! In my defense, I did not find it locally. But I can "wing-it" with this pattern. I think the original has 7 "teeth" in each pairing, mine will have 5 - because the long quarters, only gave me 5 of the size that I decided to use! (actually, I could have squeezed out 6, but I wanted an odd number of teeth.)
Another tidbit on this quilt, A design wall would be helpful, but I am going to wing it on what goes with what & hop that I don't get too many next to each other when I start to join rows.

Do I have a thing for greens? No, not really. But I like scrappy backgrounds, so when I wanted a scrappy lime background (for somethig that never got made - so that fabric moved into my stash), I bought several lime greens! (I have another lime & white stripe for the binding.) Some I bought for other as of yet unmade quilts, but they will be scrappy too, so I figured that I could take a bit for this quilt now - part of the reason I was able to jump from 30 to 64!

I know of one more spot where some "kelly" green live... (The backgrounds for my cats on stars applique project - aka the travel project.) I kept them all together so that I can make a piano key border later....

Not to mention that I have a few cat fabrics with green backgrounds.... Some of which that have tiny cats, so that they read green.... But while I was in my storage locker & I did look in on my cat collection, I did not sort through or look deeply for any "green" kitties!


Jeanne said...

Wow, that blue frog is amazing!
Great greens -- green is my favorite color! Yes, I think the zippers could be done without the book. Just some careful planning on the layout.

Deb R said...

I LOVE the colors of the frog and the bird!

Maureen said...

I think you'll find it was a King Parrot!
They visit my yard frequently!(How good is that!!)
Maureen in Qld