Saturday, April 01, 2006

School & fabric

Several people asked about my going back to school.

For advancement in my job, I need 24 "business" credits. Those can be under several categories from accounting to law... I am starting with a Project Management class (because it fits the guidelines set forth by my job & the time period that I have available for a summer class. You see, our trip to Australia in May coincides with the first summer session) this July and in the fall I will take 1 or 2 pre-law classes. With the big plan being my going to Law School if I like studying law and if I do well in my pre-law classes.

A bit of Amy's college education History...
Way back in the early 1990's when I first went to college, I thought I would study computers, I got "C's" in my first two classes, so I figured that was not the career path for me. (Similar scenario in Psychology & Nursing - actually for the Nursing, I did not want to take chemistry - the anatomy & physiology on the other hand I loved!) I ended up with a degree in Elementary Education which was a great fit while I was in college, but once I was in a classroom full time by myself it was HORRIBLE.

So eventhough I had more than a few majors, I do not have any business credits... Also I want to know now if Law School is a good fit for me at the undergraduate level rather than while I am knee deep into it! (If I get C's in the pre-law classes, I only "need" 24 business credits - but I "want" an advanced degree.)

I also mentioned fabric... There was a quilter's yard sale in my area this morning $2 per yard. Her style was so not my style, but I did find a non-white light - white with green speckles & some go with greens, so that I can use even more of my novelties to do one of Judy Martin's new patterns - probably the one behind her that you can see on her home page. I really like that shadow effect - you can see it "similar but different" in the star quilt too. (There is yet another shadow pattern that is not shown on the webpage & 1 or 2 other patterns that I like in her new book.) You can see how you really "need" 1 background to help make the pattern work - I think I am "pushing the envelope" by using scrappy greens for the shadows, but then again, I am a REBEL! My backgrounds are mostly under 1 yard, so I "needed" a big background & at $2 per yard this was the way to get it! Besides now I am making a green quilt where as I would have done white with tan....

I also got a selection of plaid & striped homespuns.... I know, I know "buy you HATE homespuns!" I need to make a masculine quilt and nothing says masculine more than plaid! Besides they were only $2 per yard!


Finn said...

Hey Amy, thank you so much for your very sweet comments over at my place. You loving the fish in those string blocks just made my day! I tried to send an email, but I still have one glitch in the computer from the switchover to DSL. Unfortunately, the glitch is with Outlook Express. It keeps asking me to give it a dial up connect...pesky. Still haven't tracked down the error string to fix. So I use my yahoo or Incredimail..what it boils down to, is the email thanking you didn't fly...LOL So consider your self special in my book...*VBS*

AND..I also found the new Scraps book in my mailbox last week. Nice to hear you have it too. Not sure what if anything I will make from it, but it's fun to get it and dream...right?? Did you want me to search my yellows and see if I have any more of the yo-yo's? I'm fairly doubtful, as I used them in a bargello, and it was a FQ from a swap..but I could look..*S*

Jeanne said...

Heehee, now I on the other hand LOVE homespuns!
Aaah, the attending-school stuff makes me tired just reading about it. And I laughed about your teaching experience. I was an elementary school librarian for many years. That environment sure isn't for everyone!!!!
Jeanne :)

cher said...

good luck with the new courses-maybe this major will be the "right" one.

Holly said...

Hey, thanks for answering my question about school. Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm still plugging away on my homespun log cabin so I'm in it with ya, girl:)