Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quilt show photos 3

This is the last post on the Friendship Star Quilt Show in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am post the one because, DUH it is a cat quilt! (I almost bid on one at their silent auction, but it was already bid about my limit...) The Quilt is called "Karen's Kitten" by Sandy D'Angelo, the pattern is by Carol Armstrong - I own it.... I like the autumnal feel that the border gives it.

The other picture I captured more for the "Similar but Different-ness" of it. The quilts are the product of a guild worshop withPat Sloan. Clockwise starting with the top left "Pat's Garden, My Way" by Coralyn Colladay, "Mine, Mine, Mine" by Elizabeth Plantz, "Ma Ma's Garden" by Sandy D'Angelo & "A Constant Quilter" by Laurie Bay. See you really can take a pattern and make it your own!


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think I might get to a quilt show about once every 5 years... so I have really been enjoying all the photos you've posted from your outings. Too much fun!



Helen in the UK said...

Thanks for sharing the Pat Sloan workshop quilts. I love seeing the same pattern interpreted differently - it always amazes me how different fabric choices affect the finished look SO much :)

Hanne said...

Lovely cat quilt and fun to see the Pat Sloans in different colourways. # 3 is my favourite :-)