Monday, April 24, 2006

Now that my blog is acting nice....

I started to post at 7:30, it just posted at 1:45! Here is what I saw when I got to work:

PINK SNOW! (it is not as pretty now that people have parked their cars & smushed it up...)

What created that you may ask. This lovely is the creator of the mess!

This is a cherry blossom, but not "the" cherry blossom. "The" cherry blossom is more simple in structure & less messy IMHO.

Quilt Show Pictures tomorrow.


Laurie said...

great pics Amy...thanks for sharing!

Serena said...

It looks pretty on the ground! A different view from the pavement, anyway!! :-)

Shellie said...

Thanks so much for posting the cherry blossom pics. Since we moved, I really miss my Yoshino (pink) cherry tree. When the pink "snow" started to fall each year, we treat the kids with Flower Showers. :)

Shellie said...

Oops, I misspoke in my last post. Yoshino cherry trees are white. Mine was a Kwanzan cherry.