Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A note...

A note on the quilt show photos... My husband Michael (the saint for going to quilt shows with his wife) & I went to two local shows on Saturday in the rain. The first was my old guild Faithful Circle Quilter's in Columbia, Maryland, it was nice to see so many familiar faces and to catch up with some of the gals, but I did not take any pictures... Not sure why, I had my camera... Plenty of nice quilts & great vendors. (one of my favorite vendors, a hand dyed lady "The Dyers Edge" gave me a free piece of shibori as a wedding gift, now I want to think of a "Stunning" way to use it!) I got a fat quarter/scrap friendly pattern - that I mentioned on Monday - called "October."

Our quild had Norma Campbell teach Trip Around the World & there were plenty of finishes to prove it, but a trip around the world is A Trip Around the World... (I already shared mine here!) The second show (after a shopping excursion to Wal-Mart) was in Gaithersburg, Maryland & there are photos from it below... I also got some great cat fabrics at this show - as if I needed any new cat fabrics! >^..^< href="">Jan Krentz's Spiral Lone Star idea.

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Michele said...

Hi Amy - I gave you a rundown on May weather in Sydney on my blog. Check it out.

BTW - I just read your post from Monday and guess what? I was 14 in 1986, too! Cool!

Michele - who will let everyone else do the math to figure out how (not) old we are, LOL.