Monday, April 24, 2006

mindless blather, update on the going on & answers to questions

1. I got gas for $2.97 on Saturday & felt like it was a GREAT deal. How sad... (Everyone thought it was a GREAT deal, there were LINES!) We had some miscommunication with another driver, but it all ended up o.k. - Miscommunication, need more: I went around so that I could pull up to the pump with my gas receiver spot on the correct side. Meanwhile a guy ahead of me did not, but I did not know that. Said guy, pulled up (to turn around, but I thought to drive away...) so I pulled all the way through (to the pump where the other guy already paid $15 for gas, oops. He was never able to say, "I already paid." He said stuff like, "I can pay before and be done before you pay, while I would say, but my husband is already paying...) allowing the truck behind me to also pump gas. We got our gas & the guy who already paid got his gas and nothing really bad happened to either of us. Thankfully... If the situation were reversed, I would not have acted so nicely, but I would have been able to say, "I already paid. I was only turning around."

2. New car tail-lights.... Have you noticed that once upon a time ago they were comprised of 1 light bulb and a red piece of plastic? Now they are a lot of tiny lights. Well, I was diving behind an "Infinity" car, and the tail-lights - create the mathematical sign for - wait a minute.... Infinity! I kid you not. I can't find a photo depicting this, but I swear it is true.... Maybe it was one of those "special things" that guys do to cars... Like replacing the red plastic with white and the white light bulb with red on regular tail-light cars.

3. I finished piecing the home spun stars and court-house steps quilt and backing (and lable) this past weekend. I even boxed it up and am sending it off to one of my long-arn quilters! No new photo... I have quite a bit of leftovers, but I have an idea on how to use some of it... (That was an answer.)

4. more answers - yes, I am doing more buying that busting.... BUSTED! Yes, the store (from my dream sequence) is still in business & I got my thread! (I haven't used it yet, instead I am used the white that is already threaded & worked on the homespun project.) No idea about the Project Spectrum problem... I only check to see what the next color is...

5. Project Spectrum... You just read that I did not sew down my flowers, but I did cut out my background squares, they are all "floral, leafy, viney, etc." to go with the flowers... Clever huh? & At a local quilt show, I got a pattern that will help me to use up the scraps from the flower quilt! It is called "October" and is a strippy neutral background with appliqued autumnal leaves... I have already cut the strips and sewed a few "Leader-Ender" style while working on the homespun project. Mine will already be a bit different, call me a REBEL quilter!

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