Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Local Quilt Show Photos

Take a look at this quilt! Is that not the coolest thing even if it is not your Alma Mater - its not mine either. Those are all squares, no 1/2 square triangles and no applique! She fussy cut to get the curves - you can see it best on the foot closeup. I also caught some of the "messages" I love that... Very Subtle! BTW there are about 5000 squares in this quilt! It is called "John's Turtle" by Susan Holman, member for the Friendship Star Quilters in Gaithersburg Maryland. John is the quiter's husband, they both are alumni & their son is a current UMD student.

Now I'f I were talented like DebR, I would write on the picture an arrow shoing you the "real" turtle below to the right of the "D." & You'll notice how she also fussy cut (I loves me some fussy cutting!) Ghost faces for the light smiles... Just out of that frame is the "trademark" logo - you know the "R" in a circle - she pieced that too using about 5 blocks in her grid! (Fussy cutting to get the circle arcs no less.) You can "see" it on the whole quilt picture.


Serena said...

Amazing the detail and work put into this quilt! I'm sure it took quite a but of time and alot of work! Thanks for sharing!!

Samantha said...

that's some school spirit in that quilt!

Jean said...

It is my alma mater (the seventh school in 14 years, so I don't have much emotional attachment), but this is the first thing I've ever seen that I like about it.