Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lancaster Quilt Show photos 4

"Foul Language" by: Margie Engel of Satellite Beach, FL.

Out of the entire quilt show, this was my favorite quilt! I really like everything about it, the fabrics, the quotes, the cute appliques, the quilting - everything.

Remember a few years ago when chicken quilts were all the rage? I did not do one then, but this one would have tempted me! (May be I can make a cat version?)

Unfortunately this quilt was in one of those 3 sided display areas and on the side, so my photos are less than successful. I would have gathered more close ups, if I were able.

A few of the other quotes were "Pidgeon Toed," "Proud as a Peacock," & "Birds of a Feather."


ForestJane said...

This would be fun to interpret in cat sayings... :)

You could have a Scairdy Cat, a Cat got your tongue, and a Catty Corner... lol

Dawn said...

Oh I LOVE this quilt! I love how she put the sayings all different ways arouund the pictures. Your right - this one was good!