Monday, April 03, 2006

Is that a Panda in your Trip Around the World?

To begin with, this quilt ws made by my friend Beth. I instantly fell in love with the quilt & concept! You see she took a traditional enough pattern, Trip Around the World and made it new by replacing some of the squares with bigger squares of a novelty print. (Close-ups below.)

I like the quilting too - 1/4 from the seam on two sides only, instead of all 4 as you would think using the 1/4 inch from the seam method. Actually, (upon closer inspection of the center close-up, if she continued with her quilting method, the very center would have had quilting 1/4 from all four seams... Even more interesting in my book. (She did not quilt through the Pandas.)

I also like the fabric choices, but I always do like Beth's choices - she has a great eye for which fabrics to use and an awesome stash!

Any how, since I have too many "squares" in one panel that I purchased (I'll use the term "squares" loosely because my panel has a variety of different square and rectangle shapes) for my original plan, this will be another way for me to use the panel.

Hopefully the picture of my panel is here (Fancy Cats Gallery) for a reminder and an explaination of what I meant by "squares." (it is also on the equilter website - where you can see more of the panel.) I also have quite a few of the "go withs" and 1 or 2 of her other cat pieces...

My Trip squares will have to be bigger so I don't lose the effect/proportion. And I may use more than 5 "replacements." - maybe 9 total adding another in each of the corners, but keeping it asymetrical.

There is no border on this quilt - which is good to see, becasue I have in the past chosen not to add a border & wondered about that choice afterwards... This once again goes to show that the quilt will tell you when it is done.


Laurie said...

That is an AWESOME quilt! What a great idea to make some squares bigger! Have fun planning/making your panel quilt!

Hanne said...

Very nice quilt and very clever panda placement :-)

Linda_J said...

what cute little surprises in the quilt!

Sharon said...

It's like the pandas are sitting in the forest! Pretty cool! I think it will be great with your cats!

Samantha said...

that is a wonderful panda quilt- i look forward to seeing your interpretation!

Barb said...

What a great idea to use the novelty print in the quilt. As a very beginning quilter, I find stuff like this so exciting and motivating. My problem is I have about two dozen quilts in my head that I want to make. I gotta remember to go slow. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your input on the popcorn pattern and your quilter.

cher said...

what a fun idea and what an great quilt-thanks for sharing..hope to see your version in the near future Amy