Thursday, April 20, 2006


Dawn went to the Chicago Quilt show & uploaded a ton of photos onto her webshots (please use the hyperlink to get to her blog & the webshots if you care to see them!) this was one of them. Sorry I have no idea who made the quilt but I love the setting!

I have a Sharon Malec appliqued cat similar to the one shown here:
appliqed to beautiful skydye fat quarter & no idea what to do with it! I now think that I could replace the center block with my cat and use this general idea to make a quilt with the block. Maybe add a cat quote & some cat named blocks... maybe some pieced cat blocks or mice blocks... Maybe just some cat fabric...

I actually have two Sharom Malec Cats here is the other one:

Distinctive Pieces vase of roses as I have that kit too. You can see it here:

(The cat is prepared, the roses are in a bag... I am not sure if I ever found a bakground - if so I hope it is in the bag too...)

BTW I remembered my camera, but forgot the cable...


Passionate Quilter said...

okay--I'm back-heading around the "ring"--I love all your quilt show photos--nice for those of us who couldn't make the shows. Thanks for sharing. And you sure have a lot of plans--I had to chuckle because you sound like me--now we just need the time to do them all!! :)

Jeanne said...

I'm soooo behind on reading through the ring!
That blue star quilt is going to be gorgeous!
My blog readability is low/good,too. Must be from all the years I spent conversing with grade-schoolers!
Jeanne :)

cher said...

I think your blue and white star quilt will be one of your favorites when you get it done...good luck with that! I have been really busy and not reading often enough...good luck with your orange project too!