Thursday, April 06, 2006

I did something quilty! (With the help of my boy cat!)

Last night I started a new quilt! I "need" to make a masculine quilt. What can be more masculine than plaid? So at a quilter's yard sale, I bought a selection of homespun plaids & stripes. I was even able to get a selection of lights & darks. :o)

I decided to do a stars and court house steps quilt. Some of my stars will be dark on a light background & vice versa and by virtue of the nature of the court house steps block, when they come together there is a really cool secondary design & you know how I love secondary designs!

In the middle of the news, I pulled out my cutting stuff & a bag for the trimmings. My husband was holding RB becasue he ruined the reception on the TV (we don't have cable & the TV is old & tempermental.) when I started. Rhapsody was in hiding, she comes out when we settle down to watch TV or when we are eating something that tempts her! Back to my story, when RB got away from Michael, he snuggled into my trimmings bag! Does anyone else know of a cat who likes to sit in a plastic bag? (I have included a photo of him in the bag and a close up of the trimmings that I added after he got settled.)

So last night I cut 4 stars and 4 backgrounds. From 4 pieces of fabric. So fabric "A" will both be a star and a background. However, I don't want a star out of fabric "A" on a background of fabric "1" and then a star out of fabric "1" and a background out of fabric "A" so I have not pieced any of them yet. (I hope that made sense!)

Since I accepted a UFO challenge at a quilters forum on Delphi & this is my randomly chosen project to work on, I hope to at least cut as much tonight too.

I only wish is were orange, so it could be a Project Spectrum too! For that I am joining Tambo in making bulls-eye flowers.

Oh yeah, and for anoyone who has paid attention to my talking about quilting rather than actually quilting and what I planned to do to rectify the situation, one of my ideas was to bribe myself with a trip to the Lancaster Quilt Show. Well, I told myself that I could only go if I did "something" quilty. I did something quilty, so I will be going to the Lancaster Quilt Show on Saturday. :o)

Would you guys want me to pay more attention to who made what - or are the photos enough inspiration? (Not that I'll remember to catch the names any way, but it is nice to ask.)

The last photo is of my "Mighty Hunter." He has apparently found his prey. If I let him, he would have bitten on that bag until he could get to the cat food. (He did that to a bag of dog food even thought a full dish of cat food was available!) Which in one way is a good thing because it is expensive Rx cat food. Rhapsody likes it too, but she has a different canned Rx cat food. I give her (with my vets permission) a few of his as a treat since she likes it so much. This intrigues my vet, becasue this specific variety of cat food is notorious for not tasting too good to cats - it is apparently bland. (RB is allergic to the proteins - beef, chicken, etc. - that are in "normal" cat foods.) He sneaks bits of hers by cleaning her food bowl, Bad RB, but he has a bad mommy who will give him tid bits of people food, because he takes so nice... I did mention that he is a mighty hunter.


Linda_J said...

I can't believe RB was sitting in a plastic bag. Paper, maybe. He wanted on those scraps bad!

On the quilt show pics--it may be a pain in pic taking but I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Maybe this works best with regular film but sometimes people mark their show program with the number on the roll of film or if more than one roll take some other designation. Then match the two up later??

It's up to you though since you are going. Be interesting to see what pics Laurie takes since she will be there too.

tami said...

We had a cat that loved to play in plastic bags. If we would leave on on the floor he would run and dive into it and slide across the floor. I think he like the crunchy sound. Sometimes he would curl up and take a little nap in there. He was a cool cat. He also taught himself to use the toilet.

Have a great time at the show. The pictures will be enough inspiration for me. I wish I lived close enough to drive there for a day.

cher said...

quilty photos are always great inspiration-enjoyed the kitty photos!

ForestJane said...

Siamese are smart about getting to food - after my 2 dug holes in the dry food bag, I bought one of those plastic jugs of dry food.

Came home one evening to find neat little fang holes punched in the plastic. Then I got out the big tin I'd received filled with popcorn at Christmas, and started keeping the catfood in that.

Came home one evening and found they had actually popped the lid off of THAT. Now the food is in the popcorn tin, but with a BRICK on the top.

If they ever cooperate in sliding the brick off, I'm going to give up!

Looking forward to seeing pix of your quilt-in-progress!

Sharon said...

What a riot - my boy cat (Clyde) will sit in and on and around anything that has fabric in it. I have to be really careful about closing my cupboard doors without looking inside to see if there is a snoozing cat! Looking forward to seeing that new quilt!

Holly said...

My cats like to "rearrange" blocks I lay on the floor but I don't think they are as smart as RB. Your homespun quilt is looking great!