Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Applique, now isn't that a loaded word? Many people are completely averse to the idea! I am o.k. with it, but I'd usually rather do something quickly (easy piecing) on my machine. But I have completed a year long Baltimore Album class and learned quite a few applique methods. This one is my favorite, back basting: applique. However, I use other methods depending on different circumstances - that change to suit my mood. Specifically, I am going to Australia next mother and have prepared freezer paper under appliques for the trip, so that I do not need to worry about clipping "ins." (What is a "in" this of a heart, at the top there is an in, when appliqueing, you need to clip it, but if you clip it too soon you may creat ravelling.) I used to be a hand applique snob, but those days are over. My most recent appliques have been prepared with the seam allowances turned under but machine attached. & I am going to do some of my patterns with fusible web! (I have too many want to do's on my list!)


quiltpixie said...

Makes sense to me to have a variety of techniques and choose that which suits at the time... not every project deserves hours and hours of my attention -- but that doesn't mean its not worth doing and having some fun :-) Enjoy the variety!

ForestJane said...

I'll do applique, but only when I have to... :)

A baltimore album quilt would be torture for me. Are you using a kit or designing your own blocks in that style?

Hanne said...

I like applique more and more, and like to vary between the methods. My favourite right now is reverse applique, for miniature blocks like Dutch Treat. I am taking classes with Nancy Chong at QuiltUniversity on Baltimore applique these days. I Need to Practise more !