Monday, April 24, 2006

All That History

I got tagged by Tambo for this MEME & boy is it a hard one. (I wish I got tagged for the "wierd" one - that one would have been easy compared to this one.)

20 years ago (1986):
I was 14 - enough said!

10 years ago (1996):
I college & working as a cashier for a grocery store. Major du jour: Nursing, I changed many times, ended up leaving with an Elementary Education degree in 1997. In a long term relationship that did not pan out for one reason or another - maybe because he was (he still is) an only child and an Adult Orphan. I am the oldest of two & while I don't buyin into the birth order concept completely, I can see some of it crystal clear.

5 years ago (2001):
Started to work at Social Security Administration. (Was finally able to quit the "while in college job" which BTW paid better than teaching full time.) In the middle of yet another long term relationship with a middle child - enough said! I started quilting about this time.

I bought & sold a condo in the middle here and was in yet another long term relationship.

1 year ago (2005):
I started my current job at the National Institutes of Health. Was dating my husband (he may have even moved into my studio apartment by then.)

I started blogging somewhere in here.

1 month ago (2006):
I was married for about 1 month - it felt and still feels the same as before because we lived to gether in a tiny studio and we are still in the studio. Work was the same, I got a brand new sewing machine, but was in a "drought" creatively speaking.

I finished a quilt top and back & made a label for it all with my new machine. It will be a gift. For my BIL if he straightens up!

Computer on the fritz - haven't been able to get a post to appear on my blog, but they are in the list of messages... Purchased food including stuffing and hamburger so I can try Tambo's meatloaf. I hope to register for a summer class. I hope to sew some more - not the orange flowers yet...

Let me get through today!

Tagging: - Since I apparently "want to be tagged" unlike what I say about not caring....
I'll tag Jeanne, Sam, & Mary.


Deb R said...

What's the 'weird' meme?

Love the pink snow pic!

Serena said...

Here's the weird tag you would rather have instead of the one your did! :-) See my blog...

Samantha said...

okay, when i have time, I will!!