Monday, March 06, 2006

WIP (work in progress)

Which is better - all darks or a mix? I thought I wanted all darks & by that I meant with a black or navy background. You see I thought the yellow would "POP!" and that would be a good thing. Now I am not so sure... First, it really isn't popping! Second, I only have 1/2 the number of those rectangles that I need for 1 quilt & I want to make two (scroll down to see the photos of that one & similar question) that are similar but different. Finally, while I want it to have a "charm" feel with not two fabrics repeated, that isn't happening! (Thanks two everyone who sent charms or chunks - you may see you fabrc here - if not it is probably with that other 1000 pieces.... Remember this is a 4 quilt project!) Of my own, I generally cut three 5 inch squares - so that every quilt would not have every piece of fabric. Then I looked at what was left and cut the rectangles where I could. (On the bottom row you can see a parrot - I have a different parrot in a 5 inch square - I am sure, a few only became rectangles....)


Leah S said...

Ok, I think the yellow would work fine with the mix if you just make sure the blocks and sashing pieces don't have a lot of yellow, and therefore the stars don't get "lost".

The blue isn't popping out at all for me in the other quilt because the blocks have so much blue. So maybe if you try to take out all the pieces that have 25% or more blue it in, it would work better.

One other thing I thought of, perhaps you could make the sashing fabric plain, white or something... it'll give your eyes a resting spot and help the stars to pop better.

Laurie Ann said...

I didn't notice as much of a difference with the blue group, but with the yellow group I like the darks better. And, yes, I think you just have to get the cat appliques!! :0

cher said...

in either lay out I don't really see the stars...but, I agree with the idea of plainer sashing...helps to pop the ispy for me. and I also agree-the yellow with all the dark looks good-but I think a mix overall works better to my view.

Lily said...

Hi there. Thanks for your post on my blog :)

Just to be different I prefer the one with the lighter mix. You're right - the yellow is not popping. Too much blue - especially the light blue is making it recede a bit I think :)

LOL I agree with Laurie Ann - those cat kits are just gorgeous. (Or is that kit cats!)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I like the lighter layout. Maybe you need a stronger color than yellow for the pop - red? bright lime green? hot pink? But really Amy - they are for kids - they are going to be loving all the novelties and not worrying about the pop one bit. What a great collection of novelties you are collecting.



Samantha said...

I have to agree with many of the others- i like the yellow better!

Sharon said...

How about if you make the rectangular sashing plain dark - maybe a Kona black, and then use the yellows as the corner stones? The problem here is that all the fabrics have the same value...if I squint at the picture, they all blend together, even the yellow. The only ones that start to sort of pop out are the black backgrounds.

Or how about a little white polka dot on black for the sashing. I think overall the sashings all need to be the same so the I Spy stuff can stand on it's own!

Should be fun when you're done!