Tuesday, March 07, 2006

WIP Redeux

Wow, a lot of people prefer my first plan(s) all dark with yellow and a mix of light & medium with the blue. While others like the scrappy idea....
I guess this is going to turn out to be a numbers game. Which means that I need about 200 charms for the squares and about 400 for the rectangles (I don't have enough rectangles, but I do have more fabric from which I can cut them.) So if I have 200 darks, I'll do the dark with yellow plan - if not they will both be scrappy!

On the scrappy front, I have two others planned that will be scrappy. Same idea but a different pattern, the other two backgrounds are turquoise and orange & the other pattern is stretched star.

Since I was not completely clear yesterday, those photos are "mock-ups" the stars will hopefully "pop" after they are pieced - you will not see stars in my photos yet (just the star centers).

Finally, I agree that a different color may pop better, but this is a stash quilt & these are pretty much the only pieces of fabric big enough to be backgounds (with the exception of white) for this project - so no changes there! :o)

& I agree when it is all said and done, the novelties will be the main attraction! (They are for me already!)

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