Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My little bundle of furry cuteness!

Here is RB in one of is favorite locations - a box! One of his nicknames is "Box Kitty." Especially if it is small, but I recently realized that he rarely smooshes into the same box twice, but when he in a box, it is tough to dislodge him - Michael tried, by closing the flaps and by carrying it around the room lifting it up and down. The mere tough of such antics made Rhapsody head for cover! Brand new box - our proofs came in yesterday! (Old book, I am just re-reading for inspiration!)

Thanks for all of the well wished and glad tidings about my new machine! She unfortunately is waiting for my to clear the table (yes, the only table in the apartment, it holds the dish strainer in addition to almost EVERYTHING else from time to time) before she will leave her box. Hopefully this week... I am not ready to see what is on the bottom of the pile! But I do want to do it right (complete with scowering powder) so I am punishing myself with leaving the sewing machine in the box in the mean time.

My Sew-n-Tell mini-group meets this coming Sunday, I know I will not be bringing her there - I have swimming lessons before the meeting (I don't want to leave her in the car by herself while I swim.), so I will only bring applique.


Laurie Ann said...

I just love how cats find the most interesting places to lay!

Nancy said...

My Agatha is a box kitty, too. In the corner of my sewing room are 2 sets of plastic drawers (stand about 4' high) that hold my assorted strips. On top of those is the box my new printer came in a few months ago. (full of old jeans waiting to be cut apart for assorted future projects.) On top of that is a little carboard box (about shoebox size)that Agatha loves to sleep in. She gets down in it and lets the flaps flop back over her so you don't know she's there.

Now you think she'd just jump up on top of the drawers and then onto the printer box to get into that small box. Or course not. She's a cat!

She jumps up on a small table I have across the room. From there she goes onto the shelves with the tv. Then across the top of the treadmill. And THEN she'll jump the last few feet straight into the small box. LOL!

Linda_J said...

Aren't our furbaby's a trip? The smallest box Pippi has ever tried to get in is a smallish pizza box that I was using as a project box. All twisted around but bound and determined to nap in there.

cher said...

love the kitty photo!