Friday, March 17, 2006

Enabler kitty

"What is that?" Enquiring minds want to know. That my friends is my enabler.

From the Dictionary:
enabler (n.)
Function: one that enables another to achieve an end; especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior by providing excuses or by helping that individual avoid the consequences of such behavior. (There is apparently a very fine line between "Helper" and "Enabler.")

RB Enables me to be lazy and not to sew even though I have a brand new super fabuloso sewing machine. Which by the way is threaded & I have also wound all of the bobbins.)

You see, he is sitting on my cut out ready to sew fabric pieces. (The turquoise is my background, the rest are my I SPY charms. The close-up shows the back of a print that has sand pails.)

He looks so comfy, I can't bring myself to extricate him from the basket of fabrics. (Yes I am wrapped around his tail. All he has to say is "MEOW" & I get him cat food...)

And for grins, in the full shot, the wavy bit in the background (above the cat head), that is my mattress - becasue I know some of you think I am over exaggerating when I talk about my small space.

Maybe I'll sew some tonight? (Or cut - I can't do that with him there either - you may have recognized some rotary cutting tools under the book, under the basket, under the cat.)

The only good part of this scenario is that fact that the turquoise came from my stash & I am ready to use 100% of it!


Kairle Oaks said...

RB looks might comfy! I'll upload a picture of our cat today. He has taken possession of our banana chair!

Anonymous said...

BEST CAT PIC EVER!! See, I know people are always telling me about that funny site stuffonmycat dot com, but I truly believe in life it is more often "Cat On My Stuff." hehe

Anonymous said...

everyone needs an enabler when they feel lazy :-)

Jeanne said...

I LOVE him squishing into that too-cozy basket. I can just picture him turning and turning until he fits!
Ah, progress: threaded and bobbin filled :)

Granny said...

RB looks so comfy, I think I'll take a nap! I've been fighting the urge all evening and the picture of him sitting there was all I needed to see! :)

Judy L.

Linda C said...

my enabler is currently parked on the top that needs the final border added. Maybe it will get done tonight and maybe it won't, LOL

ForestJane said...

Someone's fur looks so sleek and healthy! I can see why you let him have the 'upper paw' and choose his own sleeping spots.

My two prefer blocks-freshly-ironed as favorite nap-spots.

They hate the smell of orange peels though - so when I have a dark bkgrd. that I'd like to keep them off of, I'll sometimes arrange artful little curls of orange peel on the piles of cut squares and pressed bits waiting for the next seam ... :)

Ever noticed that they seem to choose which color fur to shed by whatever will show up the worst on your fabric?