Sunday, March 19, 2006


Turns out that for one twin sized I Spy quilt using the stretched stars pattern, I need 234 charms. No problem. I pulled about 400! So I culled & culled again. Now I have about 250+/- a few.

So I need to think of a new way to cull like - no more cats just being cats - they have to be doing something that noone else is already doing, so cowboy cat - you will be removed because I have a cowboy cowboy. After that, I'll have to look for some more comonalities, I guess....

I kind of want to represent the alphabet fully as well, so there are some that have to stay like the vacuum, the juke box, & the x-rayed kitty!) No cats with the Juke box or the vacuum, just in case you were wondering. Luckily, I have several Umbrella prints - so that was a fairly easy cull.

The only good thing is that by the end of my 4 I SPY quilts saga, the last one will use up the "rest" of the charms without my deciding which ones to use!

I counted and recounted far too many time last night!

But RB got to nap in the box with out the charms getting in his way. Rhapsody just looked and shook her head. (& hid under the bed becasue last night was the first night without kitty medicine - so glad to be done with that chore!) She came to visit her mommy when the "quilting" was done & the lights were turned out. Such beautiful purrs.... She must have been saying, "Thank You for not giving me a pill mommy."


Deb R said...

Sounds like the ISpy project is coming together nicely!

Glad to hear the kitty pills are done.

My verification word this time is "soblue"! Funny!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Goodness, you do give these charms lots and lots of thought! I think I would just put them all face down (like a deck of card) and start dealing out 4 hands. I will look forward to seeing the finished quilts! Glad your kitty is feeling better.