Wednesday, February 22, 2006

wedding gift quilt

This photo is of my most of my mini-quilt guild. (In the begining, we all work at the Social Security Administration, now several are retired or working elsewhere. We meet in the classroom of a local quilt shop, Seminole Sampler, monthly to Sew-n-tell. Several of us belong or belonged to a local quilt guild too.)

Left to right in the fron are Beth R. and Kathy F. in the back are Tobi S., Barbara B., Sharon O., Nancy M., Shelley B., Deborah K. and Michael & me. Not shown are Aurelia who recently had back surgery, Genie who had to leave early, and Lynda B. who passed away a few years ago and who is missed dearly.

The quilt blocks all have meaning that might not be readily apparent, but starting in the top left, is a Milky Way block - "M" made by: Genie, Interlocked Star - "I" made by: Shelley, Concorde - "C" made by: Aurelia, below that is a Hunter's Star - "H" made by: Sharon, then an "A" Star - "A" made by: Beth, on the bottom from the right to the left are an Exploding Star - "E" made by: Deborah, Log Cabin Star - "L" made by: Tobi, Annie's Choice - "A" made by: Barbara above that are a Minnesota Star - "M" made by: Nancy and a Yankee Puzzle - "Y" made by: Kathy F. What does that spell? "Michael Amy" The center blocks are "Two hearts joined as one" made by: Genie and a Bridal Bouquet made by Kathy.
Deborah bought the focus fabric at a quilt show, I attended with Kathy S., who mentioned that I really liked the fabric - I snuck back and bought some of it after a long debate.... Deborah passed out the fabric, coordinated the project and set the blocks - she also paid a local long armer to quilt it :o)


Barb said...

Wow--how exciting. Congratulations! Aren't you guys going to take a honeymoon? He's hunky :). You look lovely--you have nice cheekbones. Was it fun? I hope so.

*karendianne. said...

Wow, what a special gift.