Monday, February 06, 2006

This is the back of the gift quilt - yes those are all cat fabrics & some of them were new to me! (The Navy one with whilte outline kitties, the tiny pink bit on the bottom of the photo - side of the quilt, the "old fashioned" CW Repro? near the Laurel Burch kitties, and the Pastel one above the red piece....) So it is true, there are cat fabrics that I do not own.... (or is it now that I own this quilt.....)
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Barb said...

I love this idea of a patchwork backing.

cher said...

yay! I was hoping if I put enough different cat fabrics on the back-plus many gals sent me fqs to help out...we would have a few new to you ones...glad to hear that worked! I love it when a group effort comes out so wonderful - and you can really enjoy it too

quiltpixie said...

You must be so pleased... The yellows and blues on the front, along with cat prints on the back... It'll be a beautiful keepsake for years to come.