Thursday, February 23, 2006


Since I am going on a Great Barrier Reef cruise in May, do I need or just want a Marine Pack: Take your Cyber-shot® W series digital camera to the depths of the ocean with the MPK-WA marine pack from Sony.
Water resistant to a depth of 132 feet
Protects your Cyber-shot® W series digital camera while underwater
Bright yellow highlights make it easy to see in low visibility

to go with my new camera..... (We will be snorkeling & in general be in splash zone for 5 days, if not more when in Sydney Harbor or at a hotel pool...)

I have come to the conclusion that I just "want" the HUGE memory device and the extra lens and the tripod and the fancy carrying case.......


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Camera questions! I love, love, love my camera. I would never, ever bring my camera underwater - that is what those sort-ov cheap, disposable/underwater cameras are for. Unless you have very expensive, professional equipment you won't get an excellent shot underwater, so why put your good camera at risk? I have a photo of me scuba diving in Maui from a disposable and it came out pretty good - we were down a ways too!

Memory is a GOOD thing. You should always try to have as much memory as possible with you so you aren't always running to the computer to download. If it seems like you are taking 100s of photos on a chip you might want to double check your resolution - you want your resolution to be high enough that you can actually print out good quality prints later!

Fancy camera bag? I love my regular LL Bean backpack (I think it is the bookbag one). I do have hard cases for some of my nicer lenses. Usually, I want easy access to my camera so it is in the backpack - wrapped in an old cloth baby diaper. Honest! I have never scratched a lens, and almost never use a lens cap (I use lens filters though faithfully!).

Oh, and don't worry about a tripod - chances are you won't need it. I use a ped-pole more than a tripod and that is rarely - only to stablize the camera if I am using a heavy lens or if I want a long exposure.

Enjoy your new camera!!! And - don't forget to bring your chip to the photoshop once in awhile and PRINT out some photos! AND, back-up your photos to CD.



Anonymous said...

You'll LOVE, LOVE the Great Barrier Reef... loved every minute I spent snorkling there. Wonderful time! If you don't end up getting your hands on a fancy camera, the cheap little, 24 exp. ones still take a great underwater shot. We snapped up some beautiful, colourful pics with ours. Have a great trip!!

Passionate Quilter said...

I agree with Evelyn, don't take and risk your good camera underwater. The cheapie disposables work fine. Oh, I envy you. We went to Australia last year for our 30th Anniversary. Our dream trip, always wanting to do the Great Barrier Reef. We rented the expensive camera from the boat people and they would make a CD for us. Well, it turns out that on our little tours (we went with a marine biology tour), the tour guide had an awesome camera and would sell us the CD at the end for less than what we just paid to rent our camera. And since he had zoom lenses, lights and could dive deeper than me, he had the most awesome shots. So, that might be a possibility for you too. Take a cheapie to get the shots you want, but buy what they do. Oh, you lucky girl! :) I loved Sydney too, btw. And I took LOTS of memory cards!