Saturday, January 28, 2006

well wishes

Thanks for all of the well wishes!

I have "lumbar strain" with muscle spasms - trying to protect the back. We are postponing the x-rays for now, since I will be getting married soon & you all know what happens on honeymoons (if my back is better). We don't need to add the radiation to the mix.

I have a script for Physical Therapy & two perscriptions - Tylenol 4 for the pain (Think of what you thing lightening feels like & that is the pain in my thighs) and Flexaril a muscle relaxant & directions to relax (lay down on the couch and watch tv) and take it easy.

I need glasses - so I will keep in mind the advice about them.... I am sure that I will at least need bifocals. :o) I'll have to bring an applique block so that the DR can see how I "look" with my eyes at the project.

With my yearly GYN appt next week and dental visit the week after, I'll postpone the eyes until after the wedding.... (Everything is happening all at once - like I did not have enough stress already! Sheesh!)

My Birthday is Monday, so I will not be in blogger until Tuesday - hopefully feeling a lot better!


Patti said...

At least it sounds like you will be drugged enough to take care of the pain. Don't try to do anything with those drugs - you will be VERY sleepy! I put out my back 4 days before my longarm was to arrive, and my drugs were like yours except I had a stronger pain killer. I had two lessons of several hours 4 days later - one the day the longarm was set up and one the following day. I could at least stand up straight but I don't think I remembered anything I supposedly learned!

quiltpixie said...

hope the rest helps.... I hated when my body suddenly (or it felt sudden) started to betray me, sounds a little like you may be feeling a similar frustration. Know that it does get better... and take it easy for a bit. :o)

Laurie said...

I hope all of this "stuff" goes away before your wedding! would stink to be hurting for that.

Cher said...

take it easy - as everyone says, worth it to have a pain free wedding day...

Lucy said...

Ohh Amy sounds bad... I hope you soon will be better ! You are in my thoughts

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself. "My birthday wish to you is a super speedy recovery!!!

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday, Amy! Hope you're feeling more comfortable.
Hugs - Jeanne