Saturday, January 07, 2006

To YBR or not to YBR?

Recently on Stashbusters, a yahoo group that I have been on for quite sometime now we have been talking about Yellow Brick Road (YBR) quilts. It is a pattern for sale by Atkinson Designs. Well here is my most recent ones and its story.

Aside: Apparently there are some people who really don't like it. & I can see why. If you haven't done one, realize that it is a show case for a fabric collection - nothing more. (BTW - the name came about because the original has a lot of yellow - ther eis not road - so you can quit trying to find it....)

Back to the regularly scheduled story:
I have successfully made a YBR before - a baby and a queen/king size to be more specific. I previously gathered12 FQ's and the border and backing fabric. (One of my favorite shops had a fat quarter sale $1 each! The "plaid/woven ribons" fabric was my inspiration piece.) So all I have to do was cut and sew and cut and sew... No big deal right, I started out by cutting the fat quarters the wrong way. (In case you did not know, there is a right and a wrong way to cut them using this pattern.) So I had "left-overs." At this point I was not 100% sure that I had cut the fq's wrong. So I started to do the first two sewing steps - I correctly doubled the amounts (1 of the few things I did right.) I then skipped ahead to the part where you cut the "other" 6.5-inch strips into four 5-inch units. My strips were only making three units. So I fished out two similar fat quarters to make up the missing units (my earlier left-overs were not big enough.) Since I was cutting, I started to cut the skinny pieced into 9.5-inch units - most of mine were not long enough to make 2 from each strip. So I figured out how many I needed and made the rest from the "left-overs."Now to the sewing machine. (Amazingly no mistakes here) and to the pressing. I now took my "step H" units and sewed long skinny pieces to them - this was a mistake. So I did not make and "step I" blocks.(& I messed up how those were supposed to be used with the other units - but I did not know it yet.) For me it was time to sub-cut. I was supposed to get 2 cuts of 1 size and 2 cuts of the other size.You probably guessed, I got 2 of one cut, but only 1 of the other(after messing up buy cutting a few of the skinnier pieces 1/2 to narrow.), so once again, I went to my "left-overs" and cut "full"strips to replace the missing pieced strips. Luckily I had enough. Now some of my "Step C" look like they are supposed to while others do not have "squares." And for steps E & F, some use a pieced long piece while the others look like they are supposed to. My blocks all ended up the right size & all look "right" but I have about 5 different blocks instead of 3. Finally, according to the directions, I was supposed to make 35 blocks. I ended up with 40. Luckily I have enough "left-overs" to make 2 more blocks for a 6x7 layout. My border was made a bit skinny, but it still fits the back. Oh and here is the back. You might have started by saying - those aren't "Amy colors" and you would be right. I am not sure why but I fell in love with the ribbon print & so felt compelled to buy some fat quarters to go with it. Luckily they were only $1 each and they all go used in this quilt. After all that was said - I LOVE the back.... Isn't is scrumptious. I like it so much that the "quilting" goes with the back not the front :o) (Unless you think the pinks and burgundies and ribbons go with fishies.....) So now do I have a whole cloth quilt with a pieced back? Maybe.....

I hope this works... I posted the close ups in the next two blogs (I had to write them first....)

Just playing with how this format works.....


Marilyn said...

I'm responding to a couple of your blog entries here. I LOVE the backing. It's such a peaceful scene. I also love the quilting you've done on it. I'm not a subscriber to Quiltmaker, but I do pick it up from time to time. I like that they include the quilting motifs in the magazine because I'm frequently stumped as to how to quilt a top.


Laurie said...

Great job! And I love the quilting!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sooo - would you YBR again? I do like your top, your choice of fabrics/patterns made all the difference in the world - some YBR's I don't like nearly as much.

I can get that issue of Quiltmaker here in Austria... I think it is 8 Euros... I don't typically buy many quilt magazines anymore after discovering so many great FREE patterns on the internet AND I have some GREAT quilting books that I just love. But collecting the actual quilting motif pattern, now that could be a whole 'nother chapter in my book, so next time I am at the magazine store - I'll take a peek.



Lucy said...

I love it ! I have the pattern too. it is a great one to do for beautifull fabrics! You did a great job amy

cher said...

Amy, who quilted your ybr? the fish came out great! I have done my share of ybrs...I now take the premise and do my own thing-as in I cut 6 1/2 and 3 1/2 and 12 1/2 squares and put them together however I feel. This same concept works with adding more sizes to the mix-as long as they all play together. This approach does really showcase a particular print and as I have plenty of those to enjoy-more of these type will happen. I also enjoy Quiltmaker, though sometimes I think their idea of fast is not my idea! Cher