Saturday, January 14, 2006

Three Day Weekend!

I first, I hope all of you enjoy the Martin Luther King Holiday! I hope it is a quilty one!
I plan to run a few errands in a few minutes then off to make Judy's Corn & Bean salad (They will get the "joke" - corn and beans is a traditional quilt block.... Dear Fiancee' did not "get it.") for my mini-groups sewing & eating session. (I hope to sew a bunch on my rail fence quilt....) and on Monday in the morning I am going to Jinny Beyer's Studio to meet a fellow quilter for the first time - The internet really is a small place!

Happy quilting!


Jules said...

Thanks for the link to the salad. It looks really good, and would be great to take for teacher appreciation lunch, etc.

I got the joke. You can tell your fiance that I actually thought you were making a quilt with the corn and beans block using salad novelty prints at first.

Jeanne said...

Have a fun day! The name joke will be fun,and the salad sounds delish!

Laurie said...

have fun with your friend at Jinny Beyers...too cool!

cher said...

perfect quilter's food! have a great 3 days of fun..Cher

JudyL said...

Amy: Hope you enjoy your day off and the visit to the quilt shop with your new friend.

Judy L.

Cathi said...

Hey! That Jinny Beyer's studio is a popular place for meeting internet friends! (I met Amy there over a year ago, LOL, as my family are from the DC area and I'm there often enough...or was till they decided to move next year to the west coast!!)

Hope your 3 day weekend is still going great!

Samantha said...

Hope you are having a great 3 day weekend! Sounds like you have fun plans!