Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well, I am still stuffed! Last night we went to a really nice restaurant in DC for Restaurant Week. (Do they have that any where else?) Some of the nicest, most expensive/exclusive places in town have a fixed price menu $30 for appetizer, main dish, & dessert (some even have a special menu, but others allow you to choose anything from their menu) - generally at least 1/2 the price of what it would have been ordinarily. I had a salad, a nice piece of tuna & a bread pudding - none of which were onthe wedding diet..... & I am feeling it today.... Too bad it is rainy, because I need to walk. (Maybe I'll walk anyway - inside.)

On a quilty note, last night I got some novelty charms that I swapped for! There was only 1 duplicate of what I already had & Some brand new kitties :o) So I sorted them into quilt baggies

Aside: I keep everything separate and straight by using ZIPLOC bags! I have a multitude of sizes even the JUMBO ones that are big enough to hold a queen size quilt including the batting! But I don't store batting.

and I trimmed them where necessary: the all over horseshoes got cut in half for the Morning Star quilt and the two new cats got trimmed to 3.5 inch square for a new charm quilt!

I also cut some background for the "Not Americana, Americana quilt." - working title. BTW This is the background that I bought on Saturday: Land of Progress it is actually darker in real life. I got 6 yards = twin size quilt, so I am planning to do a 7x9 layout - leaving room for borders & the long armer....

My favorite way to do quilt shopping arrived yesterday - catalogs! I like them , becasue I can make a list - but I rearely go beyond makeing the list and checking it a few times - makeing revisions, etc. - No dollars (or wasted quit store staff time) are spent in the process!


Rian said...

Restaurant Week (which we don't have in California) sounds like a good reason to break the diet. It's only for one day!

Debra Spincic said...

Chicago has Taste of Chicago and that was always fun. It is outdoors and the restaurants have nice booths so you travel from booth to booth.

I'm with Rian! One day won't hurt!