Monday, January 23, 2006

I did it!

I finally got back to doing something "quilty." I cut more 5 inch squares for my 4 twin sized "I-Spy" quilts! I also "resorted" them. I thought that two of them were ready for piecing, but I now need "more" for each quilt. Luckily, I have a few more pieces of novelty prints from which to cut, but no where near enough for the variety I desire.

So I am begging for your scraps... Just a 5 inch square of a novelty print. My only thing is that I do not care to have any more "holiday" specific prints. (I have enough of those already - these are generic quilts not a celebration of the holidays...)

I now have 4 incomplete kits, becasue where I started by just counting 200+ squares without paying attention to value or image, I have now separatedtehm into "favorite" images - this is where my sheep with carders and spinning wheels is located as well an image of a "Q"uilt, "U"nderwear, "X"-ray - you get the point. Then there is a "dark" quilt where the backgrounds or images are predominantly black, navy, red. And a "light" quilt where the backgrounds are mostly white, cream, yellow & some lighter mediums.... And the last one is for the "left-overs" these include duplicates form the other categories as well as images that I am only "o.k." with, but I want to use for variety and to get them out of my stash! My goal to to do something like Mary did with her Log Cabins - only mine will not be so similar :o).

If you can help me with my quest, Please let me know! I am willing to swap - either other novelty charms or a fat quarter or two....

Thanks, Amy


Deb R said...

Yay You for breaking through quilter's block, Amy!

Finn said...

Hey girl..I'll help ya..*VBG* You know I've got lots of kids stuff..*VBG* Drop me an "e" and give me some clues....or do you just want me to cut 5" squares?

Any idea how many you are looking for???

Cher said...

I am with Finn, plenty of novelty here...but need more input of what you drop me an email too

Granny said...

Amy: I hardly have any novelty but I'll check and see what I have and send it to you. Will you e-mail me your address?