Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am finally inspired to compose

Stash quilts - what is our/your/my goal?

Some people have no qualms about having a ton of fabric waiting around for inspiration to strike... "I liked it so I bought it."
Others view it as their Pallette & feed (feel) the need to have every possible hue and texture of fabric available. "I did not have that shade of green."
Some cannot toss anything that might be remotely useable. An example was posted by Lucy. I never would have found it possible to create that quilt because I don't save scraps that are that small. Bonnie has created a number of lovely scrap quilts, many of which I'd like to make as well. While others only make quilts that are comprised of a specially selected group of about 4 fabrics.

There are other types of quilters out there who have and use their stashes differently & in my book they are all o.k.!

From my POV - the idea really is to try to use what you have first. You already bought it - so use it. Some people actually want to "get rid of" or to "Use up" their stashes while more just want to use it wisely. I am in the use it wisely camp.
A specific example: I am currently using a moda marble in teal - becasue I have it more that becasue I want to.... I will like it a whole lot more in my project than in my stash. (It is going to be a solid background for an I Spy quilt.) Also I inherited that teal from a quilter friend who passed away several years ago. So the quilt that I make from it will have a special place in my heart. Besides Lynda really LOVED Novelties - so this will be a double pleasure for her too look down upon & smile about! I hope she finally has all the time needed to create masterpieces because her time on earth has passed.

Our Mini-group has created several name quilts, not sure what those are....
My name is AMY and a name quilt for my would include images that start with the letters A, M & Y. Lynda was a pro at creating lists of possible images that we could look for & her stash held many of those images.

My I Spy quilts are more just a jumble of images some I really like others not so much - but I am using my stash & including the less loved images. Since I am doing 4 I spy quilts right now - there is a quilt that holds more of my favorite images while another holds more of my less favorite images - it just works out that way... Meanwhile all 4 of the quilts hold some of the same images. Like "Witches Undies" which is far to clever to not be included in all of the quilts! (They all have a nice assortment of cats too....)


JudyL said...

Amy: I seem to be "all of the above". I can't throw anything away (except that ugly bolt that I've thrown out twice and then later retrieved before the trash man arrived). I panic if I get low on certain colors and too many times I've seen a fabric, didn't buy it because I didn't think I needed it and then discover I do need it and it's gone. So . . there you have it! My stash it out of control and I know why!


Laurie said...

Ditto what Judy said, except I've never bought a BOLT of fabric!!! LOL

Holly said...

Hey Amy, I'm answering you here since I've been absent for a while. I watch the food network channel mostly. I love Rachel Ray, Paula Dean's personality though she cooks too unhealthy for me:) It's entertaining.

I've never bought a bolt of fabric. Nine yards is the most.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I think it is nice to have a stash and to use it - but I realize that it is not always practical to use exclusively from your stash for each project - so I am with you - shop the stash first and add what needs to go with your current project to get an effect that is pleasing to you. Afterall, it is your quilt so you should like it, not just feel like you have to use a certain fabric just because it is in your stash - maybe some certain piece is destined for a different project.