Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

(Day late & a dollar short....)

Judy's question fits in wonderfully with my planned blog today! (Great Minds & all)

My celebration & my goals

To begin, New Year's has been low key for me for quite sometime. I usually am sleeping by the time the ball drops. But this year I played with fabric. Since Michael is in New York for one last visit with mom as a single guy. I did not have to clear the bed after or in the middle of playing with fabric. :o)

I decided that my number 1 goal is to sort through my nickel collection and bag together projects. That sounds a lot easier that it actually was.....

After reviewing which projects I wanted to do & how, I plunged in two feet first without checking if anyone was int he way! On the other side of 24-48 hours, I am a lot closer to my goal.

I have always wanted to do a "kitchen Sink" quilt or 4 from the forst Nickel Quilts book.
Tillies Treasures pretty much as shown. Although most of my lights are on the reads as solids side. Not just WOW & COC though :o) & All that Glitters Again pretty much as shown. Alythough I probably will not use the sashing. To accomplish this feat, I pulled darks from my bags. I thought that my left over Robyn pandolf's would mix into these as well, but alas that are not dark enough & the lights did not work too well with my other lights either. (I did mix in the tone on tone dark green and cream prints.) I have the exact number of pairs for each of these quilts in a baggie ready to go!
I needed some sets of 3 tone on tones (rather hard for me to pull from my selection of nickels) for Arlington Square - but I persevered. These would not have been my number 1 choice, but I only wanted to use precut nickels. Then I marched on to pulling lights. Wait a minute - you just pulled 99% of you lights for Tillies treasures ans All that glitters - which by no means is a bad thing, but it proposes a conundrum for Arlington Square. So I pulled my lightest black on white prints. For the rest I pulled brights. Needless to say this one will be intersting. I think I have all of the nickels needed in a baggie for this quilt.
Then I wanted to do Stretched Star in novelties. I need 441 for the queen size quilt. (I could have done that in all cats without blinking, but I want a good mix of images.) I had over 400 nickels already cut in a bag & other novelty fabrics still in yardage form vieing for a chance to be in my quilt. When I return to trimming & cutting & counting I will pull the duplicate bugs, pigs, & very baby charms so that I can mix in some of my uncut wonders. Of my pre-cut nickels, not all of them were cats, but I figure that if my cat is surfing - I can use that image as a surfing image instead of as a cat image. :o) I also plan to do Morning Star in novelties as well.
I also want to do Sunny Lanes as shown and as an opposite - dark background with lights. This quilt uses Single nickels so after I pulled for the above listed quilts, I sorted single nickels into a dark pile and a light pile. (With the other 1/2 of the pair - if that was the case - in a pile to donate to a gal who is making charity quilts.)
I already have shaded 4-patch cut out and ready to sew. (Mine is autumnal with light blue background.)
And I have Paducah 9-patch (as shown) partially pieced.

My 2006 quilting goal is to piece or to finish piecing 6 quilts. One every two months - should be doable. "Six in 2006" is my motto!

On the non-quilty side, I would like to lose several pounds. (not sure exactly how many, but size 10 sounds good.) To do this I am going to try to count calories rather that cut out carbs or fat.
I am also going to increase my water consumption.
I am going to exercize more, more often. (My swimming class starts on Jan. 7)
I am going to drive to work less often (helping increase my walking portion of the exercize regimine.)

I want to have a happy wedding on February 19, a wonderful honeymoon in Australia in May, return to college in August, pay off my car note in September, pay off my credit card bills by November, and a nice home purchased by 2007. Purchase a minimum amount of fabric without feeling deprived. Ditto that in regards to Long Arm quilting.

Here's to a Happy Healthy Productive 2006!


Finn said...

WOW!...those are very impressive goals for 2006! Hope it's ok if I just stand here on the sidelines and cheer you on...*VBG*

I know you can do it if it's what you want badly enough. The quilts should be the easy part, I think. The wedding is a natural for you, and the house is a huge goal, as I see it. But where there is a will there is a go girl!!

cher said...

great goals Amy! I will also be rooting for you to meet them all- I see it's a nickel year for you, hope you don't get sick of working with them :-) Cher

Laurie said...

WOW Amy, those are lofty goals! YOU CAN DO IT! But the wedding/honeymoon goals are the most important for '06!

Deb R said...

Very ambitious goals, Amy! I'm rooting for you!

I don't think I'd ever heard you say before what your wedding date is - your anniversary will be the day after mine! :-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Happiness, Health and Productivity - I toast to all those things with you.



JudyL said...

Amy: What wonderful goals you have! Good luck with every one of them!

I've made the Paducah Nine Patch from the Nickel Quilts book but I wasn't using nickels so I made my blocks bigger.