Friday, January 13, 2006

Fabric types

I know and dearly love many quilters who neatly fit into a "type." Lucky for some of them I live fairly close to Jinny Beyer's Studio (I am down Georgetown Pike, across the Potomac and a couple miles inside the arc - Capital Beltway) so they can stop by as they get a new kit or they ask me to get a kit & send it when I send out a goodie bag! Her shop is a treat, especially if you like her style and want to replicate one of her quilts - even some Oldies but Goodies. You'd be hard pressed to not find a "little bit more" of one of her fabrics. I happily scoop up a couple of her charm packs for my self - that is all I "need" for my scrappy quilts. I can admit that I do own a Jinny Beyer kit or two (maybe 3).

Others are similar but they like Thimbleberries or Mumm fabrics. I plan to do and all Thimbleberries quilt using this free cat pattern. I am also doing a scrappy blue and yellow version of that cat quilt.

Then there are those who only like pure colors, while other like pastels, or the Hunter, Berry, Navy scheme.

Others really are drawn to Orientals, batiks, homespuns, novelties or some other type that is not also determined by a fabric designer or a color spectrum.

Many of us are a "Mixture!"

I am definately a mixture - loyal readers have seen quilts that stretched my norm like the Robyn Pandolf only quilt. I like most kinds of fabrics and therefore am drawn to making color based scrap quilts. If my blue and yellow has everything form Civil War Repros. and 30's repros. to Thimbleberries and Jan Mullen brights, the color itself ties them together.
But I also like to do thematic scrappy quilts like all Oriental or all Civil War reprodiction prints.
That being said, here is a Lantern Quilt by Nines that I have kitted to make Scrappy Oriental - no two lanterns the same for my version. I found the pattern in Making Scrap Quilts to use It Up by Lynne Edwards. (Amazon Link, you can even "take a peek inside" I also love the blue and orange quilt on the cover.) I even cut out the templates, but I am not ready to tackle the triangles.


OORANOS said...

Have a good time

Deb R said...

I love all the use of all the colored fonts in this post, Amy. What fun! :-)

Granny said...

Great post, Amy. My stash is almost totally tone on tone which is what I like but pretty boring which is why I keep finding that I need to buy more fabric to make an interesting quilt. If I buy a print of some kind, I can usually come up with plenty of tone on tones to go with it. But . . since the quilt shop is almost an hour away, when I go there and buy the print, I might as well by the coordinating fabrics I need so I don't get home and find I don't have what I need so . . more fabric is bought, less fabric from the stash is used.

I like Jinny Beyer a lot!

Judy L.

Jeanne said...

I'm a mixture person, too. I work by color, with all sorts of styles lumped together.