Monday, January 09, 2006

Bridal Shower & some quilty updates

My first bridal shower was held this past Sunday. A great time was had by all we had good food and a fun time. (Photos may or may not be forth coming... we had camera issues) Among the gifts were a few items from my registry (so I can share the hyperlinks) & some self explainatory stuff including, a Pyrex set & Store and Spin storage (as seen on TV), these towels (inlcuding - wash cloths and hand towels) & this breakfast center. I also got some great stuff that I did not register for including, "Arty" mugs, cash (to pay for my over spending at the quilt shop yesterday) & a wine goblet (Silver), a granny nightgown & slippers (As far away from sexy as you can get) - my friend has suggested that that can be my "I have a headache." nightie, a pasta bowl, a Photo album, a gift card to Sears (I am getting closer to that camera….) a frying pan (Big enough to do my chicken under a brick – but it might have a plastic handle which would not work in the oven…) I saw it made on TV & it has had me intrigued ever since..., a robe & "mood music" and finally last but not least the hit of the party, a money shirt (5 dollar bills made to look like a shirt).

Another party is scheduled later this month. Neither of my brides maids wanted or were able to host everyone - so they are both hostessing a party. :o) & there is chatter in my office about yet another party. Those of you in offices know how we like to have any excuse for a party! Heck my Bithday is coming up - we are going out for Thai food!

On the quilty side of life (a majority of the guests were quilters - so that was a quilty side of life too...), I went to the quilt shop on Saturday to buy some fat quarters for a birthday swap on one of my yahoo groups. (Having a January Birthday, I already received a few fat quarters...) I know I probaly could have pulled these from my stash, but I tend to buy small pieces & many of them have had strips removed already. So buying new was safe! And I could get exactly what they wanted - I am getting what I want - care to guess? Blue & yellow - yes, I know I am predictable...

I also got backgrounds. For the "I Spy" quilts I want to use a single "solidy" background so the novelties don't look cluttered. Before I go on = my plans for those "I Spys" have changed. I originally was going to do two queen sized quilts. I am now going to do four twin sized quilts. Four smaller quilts will use more of my nickel charms and I like the idea of haveing "similar but different" quilts. So I had a teal background for one stretched star quilt and the "similar but different" for that one will be a peachy fabric. For the morning star one will have darker nickels and bright yellow background & the other will have lighter nickels and a bright blue background. (remember I said I am predictable)

I felt really good about mu purchases up to this point. (I really couldn't go much firther with out the background & I don't buy my fabric in big pieces - & definately not solidy like I chose for these quilts.) But then I "looked." & I purchased a great back - for my "Americana" not Americana quilt. I am not making an Americana quilt, but 99% of the people who see a red white and blue quilt will think it is an Americana quilt. I am really doing another Star Fling with novelties in the center. I am using the red, white, & blue because I had to make a red & blue log cabin block for a birthday block & cut for this at the same time. The back is red, white, & blue...
And I bought some sale fabrics & a gradiated print that is an AWESOME cat fur fabric. (For realistic cat applique.)

Now I really should not "need" to buy fabric for a long time... I will inventory my quilt kits and verify which ones have their backs and bindings - I may buy those next Sunday during my mini-group with a coupon.....

So far I have done something quilty every day in 2006. :o) Quilty includes sorting and other "light" tasks in addition to cutting sewing and pressing. Last night I trimmed more novelty prints into 3.5 inch squares for star fling blocks.


Marilyn said...

Sounds like you had a nice party. Bridal showers are so much fun, especially when you're the bride-to-be!


Rosanne said...

Madison is southwest of Culpeper ...follow US15/29 -- very nice ride by farmland and open spaces! I found a neat site when I googled the name; it's a list of quilt shops in VA:

Laurie said...

Glad to hear the bridal shower went well and that you got some quilty time in!!!

cher said...

sounds very fun Amy-and some great fabric buying too! Cher

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Amy - it is nice to hear that you are enjoying this time leading up to your wedding and not stressing out!



Nancy said...

Glad you had a nice shower and got some great gifts. I once went to a lingerie shower for a very close friend. Everyone else got very sexy items. I gave her a nice just above knee length nightshirt style in a pretty peach print(her favorite color) because I knew that fit her personality better. She told me about a year later that my gift was worn out while the others sat unworn in the back of her drawer. So there's a time for sexy, but comfort will more often win.

And "chicken under a brick"??? I need details as I have a great stovetop-to-oven skillet that I could try this in.