Thursday, December 08, 2005


(Waxing Poetic on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death...)
I was too young to understand, but I do remember listening to The Beatles as a child, teen, young adult, middle adult.... (Thats' where I am now.) Any thoughts.... Anyone else a fan?

Anyway yesterday evening, I got back into the "sewing of things" (thanks for the well wishes). We are expecting more snow this evening - which would not be a bad thing if I did not have a test tomorrow for my class, a hair & Make-up "dry run" for my wedding and a really nice/dress fancy Holiday Party with my GF. (She is single, but did not want to go stag to her office party.)

I trimmed the small pile that I needed to trim and then I started to sew the squares together - no plan just grab two & sew. 150 squares into a 10 x 15 layout. Once again I ended up with a skinny rectangle.... I guess the fact that my charms are 3.5 inches is throwing my little brain for a loop... So I added 30 more squares & now have a suitable quilt top. (Luckily, I have novelties for days! & not just cat prints...)

Now I need to work on my table runner... I have procrastinated on it for long enough. I have finished a few languishing tops instead of working on it... I have started & finished two gift tops (3 times) - the bigger all 30's will go into my gift pile... I have sorted my entire nickel collection (so I could donate the extras to a good cause - but still I did that instead of working on the runner.)

Why am I procrastinating on it? I doubt it is particularly hard.... I have the fabrics selected.... I have enought fabrics.... It is a small project.... (Please remind me of these when I get home and decide to trim the pile-o-scraps instead....)

Off to class....


Nancy said...

Morning Amy. I know what you mean about procrastinating on a project. I had one I kept putting off until it was past it's deadline. And when I finally got of my lazy buttkus and worked on it the whole thing start to finish only took a few hours.

That said, I have another deadline project I haven't even started on and what did I do last night? Played with making crumb blocks! LOL!

Good luck with your test tomorrow.

Jules said...

I was too young to understand when John Lennon was killed, too. (I am 35.) I do love his music, now, and have had Penny Lane running through my head lately.

By the way, I grew up outside Washington, DC. I love that area.

Granny said...

Amy: If you figure out why you procrastinate, will you let us know? I have the same problem and it gets the best of me sometime.

I was listening to the 70's yesterday and that had a lot of interesting trivia about the Beatles and John Lennon.

Stay warm!

Judy L.

Quiltgranny said...

Well, Amy, you are not procrastinating at all. You are stewing all the thoughts about the runner in your head, and just waiting for them to get done! LOL!

Where was I when Lennon was killed? On my way home from Paris from our honeymoon (long story about why we couldn't marry in Paris, but went on the honeymoon anyway).