Monday, December 05, 2005


Thanks for the great comments. The only cats on the Purple & Orange quilt are the real live ones when that quilt graces my bed. :o)

I have to find more Diet Rite - I am happy with the actual number of Diet Cokes that I drink... 2 or 3 (M-F) More on the weekend.... They keep me sewing.... I have had Diet Rite before, I think the relative cheapness of Diet Coke keeps me coming back... Drink more Water.... (After my hot tea)

Sewing update... I finished the pieced border for my pink Star Fling quilt! YIPPEE! (I want to deliver that one the day of my wedding, Feb. 19, 2006.) I also finished piecing my summer quilt and it's "Bonnie Back." (Well mostly Bonnie Back - I ended up adding a border and some of the scraps from the front to get the back big enough...)

I met some quilting friends on Sunday at a local quilt shop - Cathi from Ireland and my local friend Kathy (One of my bridesmaids - I did not blow the suprise... Luckily I had the other two tops to help me keep my secret.)

BTW I am in a different training session this week at a different location. Right now, I do not know the PC availability... So my blogs (reading & writing) may be far & few between.


Laurie said...

The pink Star Fling quilt sounds interesting! I can hardly wait to see pics on that one!

Keep working on the weight loss! YOU CAN DO IT!

Granny said...

Amy, I'd love to see your Star Fling quilt. I know . . the camera!!

Thanks for letting us know about your training . . we would have worried about you if you weren't able to get to the blog for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun sunday!

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Sounds like you had a productive time! And it doesn't matter HOW you pieced the back of the quilt, or added to it to make it big enough...its yours and it used up the fabric,and the borders make it interesting, and that's what it's about! Be free with it, do your own's not a bonnie back, it's amy's! :c)