Saturday, December 03, 2005

News & Advice - & A photo!

Again sorry about the small photos. This are "close-ups" of a quilt that I made for Michael last year. He is a Jets fan, so the theme of this quilt is Jets - whose colors happen to be green & white. I call this quilt a "bricks quilt" and it is a good candidate for scraps. You might be able to see the bricks pattern in theses photos. (Picture the green as a brick & the white as mortar.) I set mine on point - hence the dark triangles that you see in the left picture. The bricks are 2.5 x 4.5 rectangles while the mortar strips are 1.5 x 4.5. They are a rail fence variation. I am currently working on a batik one with 1 black batik as the mortar and scrappy - hopefully none alike - for the bricks. I don't know why I originally bought the black batik, but I have enough... (You use quite a bit of those 1.5 inch strips... I need to cut a few more so that I can finish my blocks and start assembling them into a quilt top.) You can do this 100% scrappy with 1 mortar color, or you can do a two color combination - blue bricks with yellow mortar strips, 30's with white, florals with green... It is an easy pattern and it feels good to use your scraps!

News... I still have not purchased the fabrics from HoP (see below), consequently I have been rethinking my plan of attack... I still need the Oriental, I still want the two cat prints, I still need the binding fabrics. I will wait on the 30's... It is not like I don't have a zillion other projects to keep me occupied in the mean time...

Advice... Thanks Laurie for some great advice on dieting. No more Diet Caffeine Free Coke for me... (O.k. less Diet Caffeine Free Coke for me.) I am taking swimming lessons - I just need to get to the pool more often & while I am there I should consider using the weight room.... I need to come up with some incentives... (The kind that do not involve spending money.)

Final Thought, I was going to share an engagement photo, but my computer can not read the DVD format...


Nancy said...

Love your Bricks quilt, Amy. As I cut down my scraps into strips and squares (ala Bonnie) I'm cutting 4-1/2" X 6-1/2" bricks to make a quilt similar to the one you've shown here. Mine will be scrappy bricks with black mortar.

Laurie said...

Great quilts! I wish I could see big pic though...I had one pic do that...not sure why. (sigh>

And, that diet pop...DUMP IT...but gradually. It has sodium in it, NOT GOOD, but it also triggers cravings. Even now if I have a Diet Pepsi I get cravings for stuff I shouldn't eat. Just get off that Diet Coke gradually if you are drinking a lot of it. It took me about 2 weeks to ditch it from my daily life...and I was drinking 6-8 cans/day! YIKES! Also, drink Diet Rite carbs, zero sodium, zero calories, zero caffeine. It takes a few cans to get used to. Try buying a couple of 20oz bottles from a convenience store first.

The diet center I go to says 2 cans/day. I save it for my evening treat when DH is having his 2 beers! ;)

Good luck!