Friday, December 23, 2005


I am going to read first today. Later, I will post a photograph of one of my favorite quilts. (Also one of the first!) But it has to be scanned first - by a co-worker who knows how to scan & after it scans - a long time on the antique scanner!

I wish all of my friends were quilters. Apparently I gave a PERFECT Christmas gift. A bundle of wonderful fabric. My GF is pleased as punch & we are painfully honest with each other. Like when I asked where my "gift" came from (laced with "what were you thinking?"), so told me that the Critter Works lady (her friend) let her dig through the "reject" pile of blocks. My friend pulled both cat blocks out for me. :o) She said that she is almost done with the hand work on my "real" gift. My friend is also good friends with Ellen Anne Eddy - I wish she had the chance to dig through her reject pile.... (If you saw Ellen on SQ, the praying mantis quilt is owned by my friend Kathy.)

Anyone intersted in doing a round robin? I have no idea how to use those cat blocks - I have the same issue with another cat block that I made myself....

In the meantime, if you haven't already, please join my frapper map. Or just check out where we all are located!

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