Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm back

Grab a beverage - mine is hot water....

Run down on my long weekend away....
1. We had more snow & I did not fall down, but I forgot to bring shoes to change into after weraring snow boots out side. My feet do not like my snow boots, so I was walking funny & now I have a compensation injury in my thigh (After pulling the muscle on the botom of my foot!) It is just a few sore muscles....
2. I passed my test 90% - don't tell the teacher was not supposed to grade it in class. And again I thank hime for coming in early so that I could take the test. The test was originally scheduled for 8:30, but that got pushed back to 10:30 becasue of the snow. The teacher and I arrived at 7 - with our traffic that was for the best for both of us. Add the gal who arrived close to 8.
3. I did my "dry run" hair and make-up for the wedding & I am satisfied. (No amount of make-up & Hair spray will make me look like Cindy Crawford!) The roads were only wet when I drove to the make-up lady & when I left they were drying out!
4. I went to Baltimore to run an errand at the bank and then stopped at CVS to get "Bathroom Basket" goodies. (Do you know what that is? It is a basket with feminine products, harispray, mints, asperin, cough drops, nail files, first aid kit, etc. - Just in case! I know I only carry a tiny bag to weddings & many of those things do not make it into my bag...) I also finally got my passport photos taken. :o) (Have I mentioned that I have a procrastination issue?)
5. Made it to my girlfriends house - took her dogs for a walk, and waited a few minutes for her to get home so we could go get a manicure.
6. We got dressed & had some time to kill, so we played with the fabrics that I brought to audition for a "Window Pane" jacket. (It is hard to describe - so you'll have to wait for a photo - don't hold your breath!)
7. We went to her offices holiday party & a good time was by all. The food was even edible. Open bar was a treat, but 3/4 of the things that I would have liked were not available. They had free tarot card readings.... Not something I would pay for, but it was fun to do for free! I don't remember the specifics, but it was all good!
8. On saturday, I added borders to two small tops (The 30's charm, that grew out of its charming phase - like a teenager... & The new baby quilt that is charming, but not in an all 30's way... All novelties though!) Then I came to a crux....
9. I CUT & SEWED THE TABLE RUNNER IN ABOUT 3 HOURS! Why did I procrastinate on that?
10 I packed those 3 and the stars quilt off to be quilted - quick! :o)
11. Yesterday was my mini-group day to sew-n-tell. I finished piecing my "Bricks" blocks ("Bricks" is a rail fence variation.) Now to do the math for the setting triangles and to piece the top. (We also ate and exchanged gifties.)
12. That is where I have been and what I did!


quiltpixie said...

sounds like you were one busy girl!

Holly said...

Passport pictures? Did I miss hearing about a honeymoon destination somewhere :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Bonnie has the formula posted for the math for setting triangles, etc. on her site -

Sounds like you are getting lots done!



Nancy said...

and you talk about US having been busy! you make me tired just reading all you did. LOL! Me I've stalled for a few days. Did a little work on my stockings and them my brother came Friday for a visit. will be here until Thursday so not much sewing will go on until he leaves.

Finn said...

Sounds like you've been pretty darn busy also. You are getting alot accomplished!! Hope it was sounds like all but the test part was..*VBG*