Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I fixed my sidebar issue (Thanks Judy) I had to shrink a URL... I need to read my hyperlink instructions again.... Anyone know if there is a "Blogs for Dummies" book, or something similar?

A big case of the lazies hit me last night.... And I really need to bind. If I have mentioned it, I hate to attach binding. I pay my long armers to attach it for me.... In quilting, the only thing I like less is paper piecing! But I was watching Fons and Porter & they were doing "Art Quilts" and one thing they showed is fusible binding.... I am going to try that on a wall hanging.... One that I finally gave myself permission to fuse. I am a recovering hand applique snob! I just have far to many "want to do's" to do them all by hand. And some just do not deserve the hand work... (Know what I mean?)

With that said, my littel brain keeps wandering back to the "I want to hand piece" theory.... I know that is a UFO waiting to happen! Then I rationalize with. "Well I only want to do a few 'Quilted Diamonds'." "Just a wall hanging. (http://www.lindafranz.com/)
And these "QD's" are right up my alley....
As a matter of fact, a lot of my piecing looks like that... cats interspersed throughout....

Also as a gift I got two sets of the die-cut wheel of mystery:
and based upon Linda Franz's books "Quilted Diamonds" and "Quilted Diamonds II" I am led to believe that hand piecing curves is easier that piecing them by machine....

What is a gal to do?


JudyL said...

Amy: Glad you were able to fix your sidebar. The first time I messed mine up, I started completely over and re-did everything! Not long after that, I did it again and this time, I said . . I'm going to figure out what happened and I was able to fix it.

As far as hand pieced, I would love to finish my flower garden that is hand pieced. But, I am not sure it will ever happen. I like things that are FAST!

Judy L.

Jeanne said...

Hi Amy, thanks for commenting on my "comment" question! :) I'm still not sure what's the best way to go about it all -- not sure the commenter will remember to come back to my blog and find my answer to their comment. Ah, well, it'll sort itself out eventually. How soon is your wedding?