Tuesday, December 27, 2005

dead scanner & a different quilt

I am 1/2 way to be caught up on my blog reading - just as well as the after holiday realities of work are fast approaching. But the photo I promised will have to wait until (tomorrow - if my co-worker remember to scan it at home tonight and e-mail it to me so I can post it...) becasue the antique scanner has officially died!

However, while I was reading Leah's blog I was reminded of an "African" quilt that I made once upon a time ago. Here it is: "I Dreamed of Africa." Background story (becasue there is always a background story...) I started and finished this quilt quickly! I saw an episode of Simply Quilts where the lady made the border while piecing the blocks.... The blocks are on-point - that is the secret.... I wanted to try it! I had an idea in my mind - you see I purchased tow sets of Ami Simm's Mommy's fabric line - the natural & the bright. I really wanted to piece them together and make "Some like country, Some like Rock & Roll." That NEVER worked, but I did use 1 bright on this quilt - the "special" border..... (If you look closely you will see blue in the 9-patches on the edge. Go ahead, click on the hyperlink again.) I also tried to do some funky half light, half dark thing.... I think my major mistake was using the border print as alternating squares..... (You see I wanted to use some of each of the fabrics from my "set." I was scrappy when scrappy wasn't cool...) I only noticed the border boo-boo after the fact..... But it was donated to a great cause & someone got a GREAT deal on a quilt.

Also donated to charity..... This started out as a table runner. (Yes, you can click on the elipsis - the official term forthe series of periods that I OVER USE!)

And Twisted Kitty - Poor fabric choice, but equal opportunity for the cats! I still cannot believe that one was sold for so little.... But it went to charity...


Jeanne said...

Africa is a NICE one, Amy! Hats off to you (and Judy) for a donation to a good cause, too! Looks like you do lots of charity donations, huh? Heehee, elipsis, tooooo big a word for me this early in the morning :)

Will look for the promised pic at a later date.

Laurie said...

The Africa Quilt is neat! I love how it turned out! It's great that you donated it too!

I hope you get your other pics from the coworker! I love seeing your work!

Granny said...

Amy: I loved your African quilt! I don't think I knew you had donated that!