Wednesday, December 28, 2005

blog etiquette?

How does this work? Is it really very individualized? If someone comments on your blog are you obligated to reply? Do you reply via e-mail (if that is possible)? DO you reply as another comment? Do you reply as a blog post? Do you go to their blog and thank them as a comment on their blog (becasue the e-mail option is not redily available or becasue you are goignt o comment anyway?)

What does it mean when someone doesn't reply to your comment? Do you keep visiting a blog where the blogger does not reply to your comments?

Can someone fill me in on the rules? I am not assuming that "tit for tat" or a reply to every comment is necessary, but... (I also know that not everyone is able to check regularly and that a reply that is not timely is sometimes not made at all...)

Am I taking it too personally? Should I just do what I want and not worry about wether or not I get comments or replies to comments?

P.S. - thanks for all of the kind comments regarding my "sensitive" post.... (I need to remind myself that not everyone is me - so that do not do as I do & I should quit expecting them to.)

Thanks for letting me vent.... (again!)
Confused in DC


Deb R said...

I try to respond to most comments, although I'll occasionally pass one by if all I'd say is "thanks for looking" or something like that or I will quite often reply once when someone posted multiple comments in a day. And I use all those methods you mentioned.

But also, yes, try not to take it too personally if you don't get replies. Some people simply don't comment on the blogs of others or reply to comments on their own. Different strokes and all that. I base the blogs I visit on how much I enjoy what they have to say or to show, not on whether they're chatty beyond the blog or not. But that's me! Again, different strokes and you don't have to agree. :-)

I like the blue/white/yellow quilt! (speaking of combining replies/comments...hehehe)

Jeanne said...

Oh, Amy, I thought the reply stuff just seemed awkward to me because I'm new to blogging. Please make suggestions that can improve friendships!

Laurie Ann said...

I usually only reply to a comment if it is asking a question. I really didn't think every comment expected a reply. I usually respond in the comment area unless it's something I think everyone wanted to know. I wouldn't take it personally if I were you. Love the blue and yellow quilt BTW, I have a blue a yellow one all ready to cut out. After twirling stars maybe.

Finn said...

I don't think you should take it personally seems to be getting to where there aren't just dozens of blogs to read, but hundreds and thousands. Commenting and doing the "comment" puzzle letters often takes more time than people have.
If you look at Tonya's blog, the counter is at over 11,000 but she sure has NEVER had anywhere near that many comments.

I agree with Laurie Ann, try to answer a comment if they ask a question...sometimes that slips by undone also. Especially this time of year.
I am finding it takes me almost 2 hours just to get through the Mavericks ring..and then I try to hit as many of the Stash quilts as I can, and a few other gals like Hidden Haven Homestead that belong to no ring, but are good and loyal friends!

It's hard to find the balance, but I know you can do it...and just keep blogging!

Jen said...

That is one lovely blue and yellow quilt! I just noticed that you dropped by my blog, and THANK YOU for your comment. Sometimes I am prompt with email, sometimes I am not, sometimes I make a general "thank you" comment. I don't usually expect a personal email for every blog comment I make, but they are a welcome and happy surprise if they come.
Since I installed my counter, I know that more than 100 people usually drop by in a day. Hey 3 comments are about average, sometimes it's none. Once in a while, something strikes a note and I get a ton of comments. I try not to worry about it too much. Jen

Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Don't take it personally if people don't answer every comment you leave. If you have a direct question, sometimes it is better to take it to that person in email to open up a conversation. I don't reply to comments in my blog comments section. And I also don't comment on every post in every blog that I visit. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate what is out there and the work that went into it....I do appreciate it, and I like making visits, but there is not enough time in the day to comment on everyone's blog out there. :c)

I am more apt to answer a comment that has an email address attached to it so I can reply easily,(and personally) and if there is a direct question that doesn't require a long answer. I've had comments ask me "which machine do you use and why and can you tell me how long it took you to start your quilting business, and where I can get my supplies wholesale...." and I do not feel the need to answer those either! :cD


woof nanny said...

I try to respond to most comments, but with my 'regulars' I don't always to that, as they leave multiples. Many people don't have their email available, and blogger unfortunately doesn't give that info when I get notification (typepad does), so in that case I'll leave a comment on their blog. A lot of people don't respond to comments, but I think it's a polite gesture to do so at least the first time someone writes if possible.