Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Should I reply like this? I tried to reply to everyone individually - but I might have missed someone..... Should I edit the post that was replied to with an appropriate response? So many questions? (I am also now wondering do I blog first and then go read blogs? - Probably since I am up and at it early) I also need to controll my blogging - I have so much catching up to do!

I'll note a few replies here.... About the quilt - thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments. & The biggest suprise will be that I kept it a suprise! (If I do the wedding is in February, so I have time yet to blow it!) For example I got three sets of PJ's (Oprah's favorite no less by Karen Neuberger - I already own a few - very comfy, excellent for quilting in!) so that we can wear them while getting our hair and make-up done, then we can unbotton and not ruin it! (Sure beats sitting around in undies...) I have already told them & this was going to be a suprise..... :o)

Frapper - thanks for being my pin-ups! Sorry that it takes you out of the ring - I tried to get a button, but only got he computer language to show up..... Frapper is a map - so we can all see where we are in the US so far - but I am reaching out as far as I can! I love frapper - it is so fun to see where everyone is located.

General assistance - THANKS! (I'll check out picassa soon!)

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