Friday, November 25, 2005


(I'm not an official Maverick, but I did apply...)

Here is a maverick quilt by me... (again, sorry for the small photo)

Once upon a time ago, fabric shopping made me feel better (& you wondered why I joined stash quilts). So I went to a quilt shop that doesn't necessarily fit my style (They are more country & I am more bright) thinking that just looking would be enough.

They had a sweet little quilt pieced and kitted up... I bought it and a matching back/binding print. Knowing that I wasn't going to piece it anytime soon & that the fabric would not be available when I wanted it.

When I finally got around to piecing it (after a long lull in my quilting) I made a YBR that got me back inthe swing of things and then decided that this too was a quick & easy one and so I should do it too.

I read the directions & the first thing that irritated me was seeing that I only needed 6 fat quarters, but that 8 were suggested for variety. (I LOVE Variety & scrappy, but I am not into these colors, nor am I in to collecting flannels) So I pieced the blocks and looked at what was left. I had enought for some more "A" blocks (Light diagonal) some "B" blocks (Dark diagonal) and some "C" blocks (all dark). By the time I finished I had 24 blocks instead of 12 - yes DOUBLE what I was supposed to have. Luckily, that was a good number for quilting (6 x 4) layout. Nice narrow border (It had to shrink since the quilt grew) Yet I still had bits.... Enough to insert some into my back - so it is "Arty" and enough to make a scrappy binding. In the end I had very little left over & I sent those leftovers to someone who asked for flannel scraps. (I feel compelled to help where I can & if that entails passing on fabric that I no longer love - so be it!) I guess origingally this would not have been a stash quilt, but the kit moved with me.... & when I made it I did not have to buy anthing else to finish it....

Unlike Finn's (Sorry I can direct you to her blog - but she is in this ring) 100% flannel quilts, this one has a cotton batting and is machine quilted. It is also in my gift pile... I was going to send it to my future BIL but he is TALL!

Another couple words on Maverick Quilting.... I hardly ever trim my blocks or block units.... I just eyeball the 1/4 seam between the blocks. Some are closer to 1/2 thers are scant 1/4.... And then there is "Value" in my quilts it is overrated... If I am making a blue & yellow quilt - I don't pay attention to the fact that the block would prefer light, medium & dark, I use blues form sky to navy.... I Love the quirkyness of it.

When asked my opinion on wether or not "X" block should eb removed becasue it's value if not "right" I say leave it in. My rationale is that if I got to a quilt show and see a nice bear's paw quilt with really good value placement, I keep walking saying "nice bear's paw" but if there is some "funky" value placement aka "Ghost blocks" then I stop and study the quilt.... I check out the ghost blocks, I wonder why the quilter did that, etc. I'd rather have people quistion my fabric choices that just to walk on by.... (& We haven't even touched the fact that I am a pointless quilter...)


Finn said...

Sounds like that is definitely the back door into the room of YBR quilts...LOL..but good for you for getting it done.

The Calico Cat said...

YBR is my fall back pattern... easy & effective - works with color more than anything... I have a collection of fabrics waiting for my next slump... YBR can get me out of a slump quick!

Carolyn said...

I've made several YBRs and I also love her Lucky Stars pattern. They are less confusing for me (I ALWAYS mess up the YBR!) and I love how they look!

The Calico Cat said...

oh my, I am not going to tell you about it right now, but I too mess up YBR's. (I'll blog it when I get a photo.)

quiltpixie said...

I love the creativity! The quilt police which are in residence in my head would just scream if I were to follow -- I love it!