Sunday, November 27, 2005

How would you quilt this & where am I?

How would you quilt this? I am thinking concentric circles centered over the pinwheels?

As always I have a story.... (First thanks to all who gracioulsy swapped batik nickels with me, without you this would have been paifully more expensive!) This pattern is in Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth. Her version has a checkerboard background & she mixed regular cottons with the batiks. Mine is all batik and all of those dark background batiks are different. To make the light (repeated a few times - not a lot off light batiks were available in my stash or at the store when I was piecing this) pinwheels pop, I had to sort my charms into dark, medium dark, medium light and light. I then paired dark with medium light and medium dark with light. I am happy with the results. Now for a funny story. You might not be able to tell by the quilts I have shared, but most of my quilts either have cats or Judaic themes. (You have seen at least 1 of each already.) So when I had this top pieced I whipped it ot for my girlfriend who noticed my trend and stated it... Stating. "Here is a quilt with out cats or Judaica." - in my mind it is a batik quilt. Lo and behold - those are cats in the border & there are a few cats in the pieced parts too.... :o) BTW This big picture came off my throwaway camera - I had a Photo CD made when I got it developed.
Thanks to the customers at Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg, Maryland who held up my quilt so I could get a photo. The shop had a batik celebration & I got a free fat 1/8 for sharing my quilt. I also go more batik fabric - they had a nice sale that day. I got the back, border & binding for my wedding signature quilt. Those blocks are done - just waiting for the big day for the signatures to be added! I used a pattern that was published in "Fons & Porters Love of Quilting" magazine this past summer.

Now for the where am I portion of this blog.... I am going to be in training for two weeks. My computer time will be limited to say the least. But I will have some access - just not enough for a photo enhanced blog post. (Well may be on the weekend...) I'll still check my e-mail regularly.


Deb R said...

I like the idea of quilting circles, either concentric circles or spirals. And YAY on getting the photo larger!

As far as getting your photo on the sidebar, click on "view profile", then "edit profile". About halfway down the page you'll see a line that says "photo URL", fill in the address of the picture there and then "save changes" and the photo should appear in your sidebar.

Nancy said...

This is great quilt! I love batiks and have been getting a group of 12 fqs a month for over a year now. I just stopped the shipments cause I REALLY need to use up some stash before I buy anthing else. I plan to use some of them for a batik Lucky Stars. But I'll have lots left when I finish that. Just might have to try one of these.

Hunter said...

Such a wonderful quilt. I have a big soft spot for batiks. The colors are so wonderful.

Congratulations on your quilt and I hope you enjoy your training. Hurry home.