Tuesday, September 02, 2014

working away...

While I can't say that I did not buy fabric for this quilt, I can say that I used a lot of what I have on hand & did a cracking good raid in my scrap bin! (Also I am fairly confident that I will be able to use the fabrics that I purchased in many other quilts. AKA I didn't just buy novelty prints.)

I also want to state that I was inspired by:  Bars: A Modern take on an English Strippy Quilt made by Rachel at 2nd Avenue Studio.

I was also sort of inspired by Eleanor Burns, I purchased enough of her rulers & watched her make the units enough times on her tv shows & webinars.

So I started from the point of "what fabric do I have?" I have a lot of 5 inch squares. I went from there to, "can I make them using the 5 inch square? (without having to trim them down first?)" Yes. YAY - ok now what size for the background? Roughly 7.5 inches square. O.K. I'll make mine roughly 8.5 inches square so that I can make some wonky, askew, irregular, imperfect. (& some perfect too - because I can.)

From there the great fabric collecting/cutting extravaganza started.

As I just said, I have (had - ok have) a lot of 5 inch squares, so I started there pulling mediums & darks (trying to avoid prints that included white - goal = high contrast.)

I could sort & cut without feeling guilty about not working on my commissioned quilt. (I had to wait for the embroidery to be completed & for the specialty fabric to arrive. ahem, I'm going with that excuse.)

I had previously un-paired warm/cool squares - after finishing the previous half square triangle quilt, I was no longer inclined to make the warm/cool one. Too bad many of them were lighter that I wanted in this quilt. But that also helped me make this far more scrappy than warm & cool with lights.

At this time I also pulled lights & started to cut 8.5 x ? pieces (If they are bigger on purpose, then I don't have to trim them to the exact size... Also some rectangles might emphasize the imperfection aspect better.)

I quit counting how many light squares there were after 250 - sounded like a reasonable number of pieces... But then I found some more prints & I had completely forgotten about my light solids (I added quite a few solids - to help emphasize the "light" knowing that some of the other lights could read medium.) When I added the solids, I added some prints with white - the solid would make them look medium.

& I purchased some lights - why not... (Don't Answer that.) If 250 is good than 400-ish has to be better, right? (& I pretty much only make big quilts, so why not "plan" for king size?)

I still don't know how many there are.

Onto pining lights to mediums/darks.
then drawing lines, then sewing on both sides of the lines, then cutting them apart.
Now to press & pin back together, then drawing more lines, then cutting on the lines again.
Like this one with a rectangular background.

The full stack of the units sewn waiting for the cut.
(I guess 18 inches to 2 feet high.)
After the cut:

At this point, I realized that the units are smaller that I thought they were going to be. No I did not go from can I use a 5 inch square to "What size with the unit be?" I bought "all" of the rulers, so I wasn't starting from I have this ruler that makes this size so my fabrics need to be this size.

Needless to say I was shocked to find that they end up 1.5x3. But you get 4 of them...
Here they are:
& Here they are:

Did anyone guess that I was talking about flying geese?

Friday, August 22, 2014

UFO found!

Found my UFO.
That black & purple bag holds the missing UFO. On top of the book, background, & baggie of novelty charms was a pile of novelties that needed to be trimmed down.

When I was trimming scraps for 1 of a 1,000 other projects, I tossed the novelties in to the purple & white bag.

The other night when I felt like trimming charms, I grabbed the purple & white bag assuming that the UFO was under the novelties that I had been tossing in here & there.

It wasn't but it is all sorted now & while I found the missing bag I found some lights for my flying geese backgrounds. So my "It probably already has too many pairs" flying geese project has 18 more pairs.

How could I not include this one?
I wondered where this fabric was hiding.
I had it in black & knew that I had it in red & blue, but... Now all three will be in the quilt & that makes me happy as a squirrel who just found a forgotten nut stash!

More is more - is the only explanation that I have for my scrappy projects.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling Nostalgic

This photo was taking on our long hike to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. Jacob called the cairn a "rock snowman."

He starts Kindergarten next week... I have a feeling that I am taking that transition far harder than he is.