Monday, October 06, 2014

counting smounting

Well I ended up with 2 extra geese.

& a top that did not work out as envisioned. I saw my geese all flying up.

1st problem, I did not press so that I could easily piece that way - up & down it is.

2nd problem, by virtue of the way a flying geese unit works, (1.5 x 2 or something like that) my geese are actually flying right & left.

Next problem, it is long enough, but not wide enough to be a lap robe/throw size quilt.

What border would you add to 1 or both sides, but not the top & bottom? (Or do a good job selling a top & bottom & both sides border.)

150-ish more flying geese does not sound like the right answer right now... (I did make the wonky ones & could trim enough of those down, but...)

Oh & it officially is both bigger that I thought & too small...

I thought that it would be 36 x 24 - ish (No idea where those numbers came from, but as I was piecing that sounded "right.")

Alternate solution: call it a long baby quilt & let it be finished. (I'm almost there considering that just flying geese is how I envisioned it & now a lot of my ideas feel like - just slap something on to make it bigger.)

Monday, September 22, 2014

I apparently can't count

So in my last post, I thought that I had 391 blocks & decided to make 8 more for an even 400.

The other day, I made piles of 25 - I actually only had 346...

4 more to 350 or 14 more to 360.

I'm going for 360 (anyone surprised?).

Yesterday, I pulled to necessary lights & darks. Only about 3 or 4 are repeats... (some of my lights are decidedly medium light, but in context...)

So I pressed last night so that I can start cutting for my next session of "the last blocks for this quilt."

In the meantime, we went hiking

Kindergarten is continuing to wear him out

I finished & mailed a commissioned quilt

& I switched out my hanging about the couch quilt

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yep, I'm still working on the geese.

Last night I finished trimming the 1/4 that will be "perfect." (Many are far from perfect - oh well, as an overall composition, I'm hoping that the little imperfections will blend in.)

I'm pretty happy with my values on 90% of them, again I'm hoping that the overall composition will emphasize the light "sky" dark "goose."

I counted them after I trimmed the last one. I think there are 391 - so I need 9 more. (16x25 layout)
Luckily, I can trim 9 from the 3/4 pile that is wonky. OR I can make 9 more. I have the fabric. (Any guesses which choice I will make?)

Went to the last fair of the season & saw this lovely quilt.

I was surprised that it didn't get a ribbon. (& I completely did not care for the big winner.)

Kindergarten is wearing this one out thoroughly. (Or maybe its the lack of a nap.)

This was at 5:30 last night & it has happened 3 or 4 other times as well.

Ah well, I guess that is all that it fit to blog...